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Chapter 3698

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Providence had an illusory quality to it. One could not see nor touch providence. Ordinary cultivators
would not be able to sense it even. Providence would only make itself visible to those who had
acquired a high ranking, like James himself. There were multiple benefits in absorbing providence,
including greater efficiency during one’s cultivation.

James was interested in absorbing the providence as well. However, he did not want to absorb all of it,
for that would only render the universe a pile of debris.

That was in fact, what happened to the Twelfth Universe. Hadad locked up the providence, causing the
Twelfth Universe to be stripped of its ability in birthing a Macrocosm Ancestral God. To do so, the
providence of Mount Heavenly Path had to be released, and the providence dominated by other
powerful figures had to be returned to the Twelfth Universe.

“Providence? What’s that?” Quanesha asked. She was confused. Her rank was too low to understand
these complex terms.

After James explained for some time, she could barely understand it and asked again, “Then, how
does one absorb providence?”

“That’s easy.” He smiled. A streak of white light materialized on his fingers, which was then inserted
between her eyebrows. A set of methods immediately appeared in her mind. They were the way to
absorb providence.

She sat in a lotus position and began to comprehend the methods.

James did not stand idly by. He also sat down in a lotus position to start absorbing the providence.

Providence was available in every realm in this universe. However, this site was where most of it was
gathered, constituting eighty percent of the entire universe’s providence.

James absorbed it seriously. He was soon enveloped by a mystical white light. The light gradually
seeped into his body and his muscles. Around one-tenth of the providence of this universe entered

If other powerful figures marched into the Formation, they would surely absorb all of the providence
and hold it in their hands, for that would guarantee them a smooth sail in becoming a Macrocosm
Ancestral God.

Nevertheless, James did not do so. He wanted to reserve some for the universe.

Although the method to absorb providence was rather complicated, Quanesha could understand it very
quickly thanks to her intelligence and high comprehension capacities. She then started absorbing the
providence as well. Under James’ guidance, she absorbed one-tenth of the universe’s providence as

She paused when she saw James staring at his surroundings.

Using his mind, James made the Heavenly Path Formation outside the mountains disintegrate into
nothingness. Once the Formation disappeared, he summoned the Grand Supernatural and dispersed
the providence, returning them to the universe.

From now on, it would depend solely on fate for living beings in this universe to acquire the providence.

Once the Formation was opened, the powerful figures outside flocked in, only to realize the providence
they sought was no longer there.

“James, y-you…”

“How could you do this? This was where the universe’s providence gathered, yet you just returned
them to the universe like that?!”

“How awful!”

Quite a number of powerful figures were infuriated.

Quanesha was rather afraid as she faced the multitude of powerful figures. She hid behind James,
afraid to show herself.

As for James, he merely looked at them and said calmly, “The providence belonged to the universe
from the start. If I let all of you absorb it, the fate and boons of the universe would be wholly looted by
all of you. That would strip the universe of all its capacities, including its potential to birth a powerful

After he spoke, he walked towards Henrik, taking no heed of the others.

Henrik gave James a thumbs up and praised him, “A job well done!”

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