Novel Name : The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Chapter 2598 Just Ask Once

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Eric’s face darkened instantly.

Selena’s biological father?

Eric knew about Selena’s past, so he knew that she was not dependent on her relatives.

In the beginning, Eric proposed to help her find her relatives, but she refused.

From then on, Eric did not try to look for anyone because he was afraid it would backfire.

Selena’s father knew that his daughter was in dire straits, but watched helplessly and did not show up.
This only meant that it made no difference whether such relatives were present or not.

Unexpectedly, this person came to Eric’s door on his own initiative.

He even wanted to harm his own daughter.

Eric was instantly shrouded in a layer of gloom.


“The woman said she hadn’t seen him before, but someone called her and gave her a sum of money to
find a chance to attack Madam. We checked and found that the other party was very cautious. They
used cash in Euros and banked it into the woman’s account. That phone number is now out of service.”

Looking at Eric’s expression, the bodyguard felt his heart pounding.

They originally thought it was just a bad incident caused by Jennifer’s jealousy of Selena.

They did not expect that Selena’s father would be involved behind the scenes.

“The one who can get in touch with her is probably one of the guests. I was too careless.”

Eric rubbed his temples, but soon, his fatigue subsided.

“Get the hotel to retrieve all the surveillance to see who is also on the phone when that woman is on
the phone. Don’t let anyone go. Also, reorganize the guest list and investigate their backgrounds. Find
that person as quickly as possible.”

Eric’s tone was terribly cold.

The bodyguard nodded and left immediately.

In the morning, the sky was bright, and it was very warm.

The light came in through the window and shone on the ground.

When it was almost dawn, Selena’s fever subsided, but she was still in pain. Thus, she began to bite
her lips in pain.

It was not until morning that her reaction eased a little.

The doctor came in the morning and gave her an injection, which had a sedative effect, so her
complexion gradually improved.

The doctor also gave Eric an injection, but Eric’s reaction was unexpected.

He did not fall unconscious from the ugly fish’s toxin, nor did he have any adverse reactions such as a

It was probably because he was very strong.

At noon, Selena woke up.

She opened her eyes and felt something was wrong.

She raised her arm and saw that the wounds were bandaged.

Those terrifying images flooded her mind, and she seemed to be able to feel the suffocation and
despair in the pool.

When Selena moved, she felt someone wake up next to her.

Eric only took a nap for a while before Selena woke up.

He raised his head lazily and had a look of concern in his eyes.

“Selena, what’s the matter? Does it still hurt?”

Selena looked at him for a few seconds before she shook her head.

Her eyes were slightly red.

Eric pursed his lips and gently held her in his arms, avoiding her injury.

“I’m sorry. I was too careless. This won’t happen again in the future.”

He was guilty and blamed himself.

Selena’s tears fell. She did not dare to think about those fears. It was really terrible.

Eric gently touched her head. The darkness in his eyes became more intense.

He did not tell her what happened for fear of affecting her mood. He just told her nonchalantly to keep
the wound from getting wet and to tell him if she needed anything.

The hotel sent over exquisite meals. They seemed to feel guilty for what happened, so they treated Eric
and Selena with extra care.

Eric was still calm. He fed Selena slowly and ate some before he ordered someone to take the dishes

“Tell me, how did you suddenly disappear?”

Only then did Eric mention this.

Selena took a deep breath. She was not as terrified as she was at first probably because Eric was
extraordinarily calm.

“When I went to get changed, I heard something in the closet, like someone knocking on the back, so I
opened it. Someone suddenly appeared and covered my nose, then I lost consciousness. When I woke
up again, I found that Jennifer had tied me up and put me on top of the swimming pool. Eric, I was
scared to death!”

Selena curled her lips. “Didn’t you say that you sent her away? If I had known that marrying you would
be so dangerous, I wouldn’t have gotten married!”

She felt aggrieved. Jennifer probably could not understand how a divorcee got to marry Eric, so she
was jealous and wanted to attack her.

However, it seemed too cruel. What kind of hatred did Jennifer have?

Eric felt distressed and frustrated. He gently kissed her forehead.

“It’s my fault. This won’t happen again, but you can’t go back on your word. We’re already married.”

He smiled reassuringly. Selena turned her head away shamelessly.

Eric’s smile deepened.

He did not want to stay here to recuperate mainly because his sphere of influence was not big enough
here. It was also inconvenient to do many things.

Also, he wanted to find Selena’s biological father as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it would become a great hidden danger to Selena.

Selena took the medicine and was sleepy again in the afternoon.

She really wanted to ask how Eric rescued her.

However, she felt drowsy and could not resist sleeping.

She was half asleep and half awake.

In a daze, she heard Jennifer’s miserable cry.

Without painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs, Jennifer’s wounds festered and rotted. Her skin also
turned white. She had a fever all day, and she was on the verge of dying.

Eric did not intend to let her go, nor did he intend to save her.

Jennifer regretted taking the money. She just wanted to teach Selena a lesson.

After all, Eric strangled her because of Selena. Jennifer felt ashamed, and it crushed her pride and self-

Selena was a divorced woman. Once she married Eric, she was so arrogant and did not take the
Nelson family seriously.

What was so great about this kind of woman?

Jennifer just wanted to teach Selena a lesson.

Selena’s biological father came to her door, and the two hit it off immediately. They thought it was a
good idea.

Eric’s bodyguard dragged Jennifer out.

After coaxing Selena for a day, she finally felt better and fell asleep.

Eric took the opportunity to come out to solve another matter.

He held a cigarette in his hand. He looked a bit wild and unruly amidst the smoke.

“I’ll only ask once. You should think about it before answering. If you say something wrong, you should
know the consequences.”

The bodyguard pulled Jennifer’s hair back, forcing her to look up at Eric’s cold and gloomy gaze.

How could she think he was a gentleman?

The person in front of her was clearly a murderous demon.


Jennifer sobbed.

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