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Chapter 680: I Know the Password

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Ainsley was pressed for time.

Just then, the door to the study swung open, and she anxiously locked eyes with the woman who
entered, barely having a moment to react.

The woman was clearly taken aback by the scene before her.She glanced at Daniel, asleep on the
couch, and instantly grasped the situation.



Ainsley whispered, "I understand your predicament, and I'm determined to help you.Please don't make
any noise right now.It's the first step."

Georgia nodded, albeit belatedly, and upon seeing the computer screen, she immediately understood
Ainsley's intentions.You want to access his computer?"

Ainsley's eyes were full of worry, "Yes, but I don't know the password."

Georgia pondered for a moment, set down the coffee she was holding, and her expression gradually

"I know the password."

Taking a step forward, she seemed to transport herself back to that night when she had brought coffee
and been instructed to wear revealing attire.

Stepping into the study, she knew what she was about to endure, though this time felt notably different.

Violently thrown to the ground, she shivered as the cold floor sent chills down her spine.Her body bore
the marks of bruises.

Daniel acted like a thug, venting his anger and desires upon her.

After the abuse, she was left devoid of any consciousness.

Daniel rose from her battered form and approached the computer.

Georgia turned her head, committing the numbers Daniel pressed on the desk to memory.

Emerging from the depths of her memories, Georgia reached out and pressed the numbers she had
witnessed on the keyboard.

Soon enough, the computer powered on.

The USB program initiated, and the progress tar on the screen indicated the ongoing process.

In that moment, Ainsley's gaze fell upon Georgia, noticing the bruises on her arms.Her fingers were
swathed in swollen bandages.

Ainsley retrieved a few tand-aids from her briefcase.

"This is all I have."

"Thank you," Georgia replied calmly.

"Trene is currently serving a life sentence in prison.Last time, I truly wished to intervene, but in order to
save you completely, you had to endure a little longer," Ainsley explained.

Upon hearing the news about Irene, a smile graced Georgia's lips.

"That's excellent.Did you make it happen?"

Ainsley nodded and added, "Those victims helped too."

"I sent that message.I hope it proves useful for you,"

Georgia unexpectedly revealed.

Ainsley was taken aback.

"You did well.That information is crucial to me.If I hadn't seen that message, perhaps I wouldn't have
come here today." Georgia sighed.

"The collection is complete.You should leave quickly."

Aware of Daniel's capabilities, Georgia saw Ainsley as her last hope and naturally wished to avoid her
being exposed.

After Georgia departed, Ainsley witnessed the progress bar reach 100% and promptly unplugged the
USB drive before turning off the computer.

Half an hour later, Daniel roused from his deep slumber.It was the first time he had experienced such

Everything seemed normal, save for the coffee cups on the table, evidence of Georgia's presence.He
spotted Ainsley sitting upright, engrossed in a book in her hands.

Restlessness overcame him, and he took a few steps closer to Ainsley, uttering, "Do you know what I
dreamt about just now?"

Ainsley frowned slightly.


"I dreamt of embarking on a journey with you, with you holding my hand."

Daniel reached out and clasped Ainsley‘s hand.

Startled, Ainsley swiftly withdrew her hand.

Mr.Hume! Please behave yourself!"

"Why is it that Manuel can touch you, but I cannot?"

With an agitated demeanor, he lunged towards Ainsley once more.

The study door swung open, and Manuel entered, his expression stern as he advanced directly
towards Daniel, delivering a forceful punch to his face.

"How dare you hit me?"

Daniel grunted in pain, collapsing to the ground.

Manuel sneered, "You conspired with that psychiatrist to harm me, and I found out.I should beat the
crap out of you!"

Manuel seized Ainsley and prepared to depart.

Before leaving, he couldn't resist imparting a final remark.

"That psychiatrist is already unconscious, but I advise you not to cause a commotion."

As she left, Ainsley stated, "The therapy is over."

Sitting on the black cayenne, Manuel whisked Ainsley away from the villa with haste.

A sigh of relief escaped Ainsley's lips.

"Finally, it's over.It was a close call."

Prior to entering her home, Ainsley handed the USB drive to Manuel.

"Take this to Roman and let me know if there's any news."


Manuel pressed down on the accelerator and swiftly drove away.

Upon arriving at her house, Ainsley noticed Robyn and Waston, sitting opposite Matteo.

Internally surprised, Ainsley maintained a composed exterior as she took a seat next to Matteo.

Strangely enough, this time Robyn didn't greet Ainsley with cold gazes.

Instead, she inquired with concern, "What were you up to? Why are you back so late? I brought plenty
of food from home this time.

Your uncle was extremely worried and even had the nanny prepare a multitude of dishes for you."

"Please express my gratitude to uncle Harold," Ainsley replied impassively.

Robyn didn't mind her attitude.

In fact, she retrieved two jade bracelets from her bag and handed one to Ainsley.

"These are vintage pieces.Nowadays, it's rare to find ones of such excellent quality.I'm giving this one
to you, and the other one to Watson."

Robyn placed the other jade bracelet in front of Waston.

"Take a look.You like it?"

Waston eagerly opened the jade bracelet, confirming its superb quality.

Even Ainsley couldn't help but wonder why Robyn would generously bestow such a fine bracelet upon
her this time.

"Thank you, Aunt."

It felt out of the ordinary, making Ainsley skeptical that Robyn's gesture was purely benevolent.She
must have an ulterior motive.

Matteo gestured for Ainsley to take the bracelet.

After she did, Waston also accepted the bracelet.

"Tonight, there's no need for the nanny to cook.I brought so much food; just have the nanny heat it up"'
Robyn declared.

Meanwhile, at the forensic examination office, Leonard finally completed an entire report.

Working the night shift, an unusual assignment for his position, hinted that someone may have
deliberately arranged it.

Only 8 o'clock, and most of the staff had already departed, leaving the premises almost empty.

As Leonard maneuvered a body onto a gurney and pushed it into the morgue, he couldn't shake the
feeling of being followed.

After shutting the heavy door and stepping inside, Leonard prepared to open the door to the cold

Unexpectedly, the "corpse" on the bed suddenly sprang to life, brandishing a knife and lunging at
Leonard. Who are you?!"

Leonard narrowly evaded the attack.

In the next instant, the assailant charged at him once more.

Leonard summoned all his strength to push him away and swiftly reached for his phone to call Ainsley.

Aware that the Easton family had assigned protection, he assumed a few bodyguards were nearby.

However, before he could connect the call, Samuel knocked the phone out of Leonard's hand.

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