Novel Name : Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1953

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Rhea glanced at Mike’s hands and exclaimed coldly, "Get your hands off me!"

She looked fierce after dropping her smile.

Mike loosened his grip but did not let go.

"Rhea, what's the experiment’s last step? Haven't we completed it?"

He subconsciously looked toward the computer.

Although he could not understand what was on the screen, he roughly knew what it was about.

‘Doesn't the data indicate the experiment’s success? Why would Rhea and Lily say the experiment has
worked if it doesn't?’ Rhea followed his line of sight and looked toward the screen before chuckling.

"Do you think the experiment is about creating the product?"

"It’s not?"

Mike noticed her staring coldly at his hands and quickly let her go while softening his tone, "I'd like to
know exactly what you're talking about."

"Must I tell you? We're not on good terms, aren't we?" Rhea asked.

Mike knew they almost resembled enemies.

However, he also knew they had no reason to hate each other so profoundly.

Besides, their fates were uncertain now that the experiment had made such progress.

They were in the organization for a long while yet had never met the true leaders and did not even
know how to contact them.

Therefore, they did not know if they mattered to the organization or whether or not it would keep them


Mike said thoughtfully, "No matter for what purpose Rick took Lily away, he didn’t want us to know
about it.We're nobody to the organization.

"You're indeed capable, and I know you're not afraid of dying, but if you die, you won't be able to wow
the world with your future experiments."

After a pause, he looked at Rhea and slowly said, "You also won't be able to surpass Lily."

He knew Rhea quite well after being around her for so long.

Although Rhea did not fear death, everyone cared about something.

What Mike cared most about was his son, and for Rhea, nothing was more important than her ambition
to become world-famous for her experiments.

Therefore, she could not stand being unable to surpass Lily— nothing would make Rhea sadder than
dying as a nobody.

As Mike suspected, Rhea became upset.

"Rhea, you might not be as talented as Lily, but you can outperform her through hard work.Besides, if
she dies, I doubt you can’t surpass her if you devote your life to that goal," Mike continued to tempt her.

"However, if the organization thinks we're expandable and kills us, you'd be deprived of that chance,
wouldn't you?" Rhea stared ahead thoughtfully.


Mike tried to provoke her further, but Rhea suddenly lost her temper.

"Enough! What's the point of provoking me?"

Mike chuckled, taken aback.

"I'm not.I'm just trying to remind you of a fact.Of course, unless you feel you'll never surpass Lily.As I
said, hard work is nothing compared to real talent."


Rhea suddenly snapped, "I'll prove hard work matters! So what if Lily is gifted? I'm also talented, okay?
She just got lucky.

Besides, she'll become a vessel for the experiment soon!"

"A vessel?"

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