Novel Name : Secretly The Billionaire Boss

Chapter 509: The perfect plan

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"So, have you settled with the barman?" Avery asked as she got inside the car beside Grey.

Grey nodded once.

"What were you discussing with Alex?" Avery regarded him for a moment.

"You know who Alex is?" she feigned surprise.

"I thought I told you I was a mafia lord.Why won't I know the likes of Alex?" he grunted and started the

Avery laughed.

"Great, I'm glad you know a lot of people.It's really going to help my business."

Grey grunted and pulled the car out of the park and into the street.

"Which hospital would you like us to go to? And how do you feel now?"

"Well, let's check out another club because I currently feel very good."

Grey couldn't believe it.


"Yes, I suddenly feel better.It's a miracle, isn't it? Let's find a nice club to go to.Maybe a club owned by

Grey glanced at her.

"Oh, you knew clubs owned by Alfred.Apparently, you knew that Megaphone Attitude belonged to

"Yes," Avery smiled briefly.

"The dead Hercules."

Grey was a bit suspicious at first but he decided to push everything to the back of his head.He was just
going to enjoy the night.

The next day was the announcement day.

The morning of the announcement.

Charles and Aphrodite were at Grey’s estate.

In fact, that was where they all slept.

Tiana and Mercy were given a room and made to be comfortable until Grey’s next order.

Charles opened his eyes suddenly.He slept with Aurora in the room that was given to her.He and
Aphrodite actually planned to take a plane back to Jacksonville that morning.

Aurora turned and caged Charles again.

Charles smiled and pecked her forehead.

"Good morning," he said softly, hoping Aurora would wake up.

Aurora opened her eyes slowly.

"Is it morning already?"

"Definitely and I need to leave.My place is beside Grey."

Aurora nodded once and released him.

"Do you promise that you will come back?" Charles kissed her.

"I promise," he smiled.

"And you are safe here.You will be safe until I come for you again." Aurora nodded once.

"Alright.You need to hurry up."

Charles rushed inside the bathroom for his bath.

When he walked out of the room, clad in a blue suit, he met Aphrodite speaking with Aurora.He
hesitated and watched them for a moment.His past and his presence.

A smile broke out of his face at this.He has almost forgotten that he once had a huge crush on

The only thing he could think of at that moment was Aurora.He loved her so much now that he decided
to never let her go.

"What are you two discussing?" Aurora laughed.

"Nothing you should know." Aphrodite smiled.

"Me and your girlfriend were just chit- chatting."

Aurora looked at Charles with surprise on her face.

"Your girlfriend?" Charles smiled.

"Are you not?" Aurora yelled and jumped at him.

Aphrodite laughed.

"I will be waiting at the car," she muttered and walked out.

She left Jacksonville with Aurora, Charles, and the other two ladies they rescued at Richard's house
two nights ago after they attacked one of Giovanni's hideouts.She was happy with Charles.

Eventually, he found his love.

And she was also able to find peace with herself.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Aphrodite,"

Charles muttered and got inside the car beside her.

Aphrodite nodded once and looked at him.

"You look happy with her." Charles smiled and started the ignition.

"I do so very much.Isn't this a nice thing?" novelebook.comAphrodite laughed.

"Let’s hurry up.So that we can meet up at the start of the program."

Grey stared at himself in the mirror.He was clad in dirty blue jeans and a black shirt.

"What is your plan to get rid of the security?" Grey asked.

"I'm going first, boss.I'm going to try to distract them.I will just need to get one of the men and make
him lose consciousness so that you can change into his clothes.Then, you can walk inside as one of
them.No one would suspect you," he explained.

Grey turned to look at him.

"That's your plan?" The man went on one knee.

"I'm sorry boss if it's not up to your standard." Grey smiled.

"What's your name?"

"Jimmy, boss."

Grey's expression changed briefly as he regarded him for a moment.

The name reminded him of Jimmy, his dead driver.He missed him so much.But he was suddenly
feeling like he just got him back.

"I will think of something else if that won't work."

"No," Grey said quickly.

"It's fine.I do love the plan," he released a sigh and turned towards the mirror again.He continued to
button up.

"Jimmy, get up." Jimmy complied.

"l love your plan, Jimmy.You can continue," he ordered.

"Thank you, boss.So, when you are inside.I will find a way to come inside with your suit," he finished.

Grey nodded once.

"I actually love your plan.Charles and my other elders would be monitored.So, they wouldn't be able to
be with my suit.So, yes, we are going with your plan but are you sure you can do this?"

"I will do this even if it will cost me my life." Grey turned to look at him again.

"No, do it without it taking your life.I will meet you at the hall."

Jimmy bowed slightly and walked out.Grey remembered Jimmy slightly and released a sigh.It was D-
Day already.He must be prepared for the battle.His phone rang suddenly.It was Avery.He picked it up.

"Hello, Avery.Good morning.How was your night?"

"Great, David.It's the announcement day.When are you coming around?"

Grey released a sigh and feigned pain.

"I'm sorry Avery but I won't be able to come.But I will help you in any way that I can."

Avery went quiet for a moment.

Actually, Grey was initially planning on showing up as Grey but he couldn't risk exposing his identity to

"Why? Why can't you show up for a few minutes and return?" Avery said softly.

Grey didn't know if he should or not.

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