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Chapter 1054 Pioneers

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He walked out of the room without saying a word. How could he possibly be so relaxed now that
Wendy had been kidnapped by Jerry and Sasha? It was just that he didn't want Nicole to get worried as

After sending her back upstairs, he came downstairs.

There was no one downstairs, though there was a bowl of steaming pasta on the table. Seeing a note
pinned under the bowl, Colton went over and glanced down at it. It was written by Dominic, and it read,
'Colton, it's important to take care of yourself.' Despite the simple sentence, it was very sincere.

Colton didn't have much appetite when he came back in the afternoon. He ate little for dinner, and
Dominic noticed it.

Looking at the still-steaming pasta, Colton sat down and took a bite of it. After finishing the pasta, he
took out his phone to call Benjamin. "Hey, Dad." He paused for a moment when the phone call was
answered. Then, he said, "Wendy's been kidnapped."

Benjamin instantly stopped what he was doing. He asked in a grim voice, "Who did it?"

"It's Undercity and A. I've tried to negotiate with them, but I guess we'll have to play hardball," Colton
replied impassively with a hint of suppressed callousness in his calm voice.

"Is it because of you?" asked Benjamin after a moment of silence.

"Uh-huh," replied Colton under his breath without making a retort.

"I see. Do you need me to send somebody to help you?" Benjamin asked in a grave voice.

As a matter of fact, the Gardners and the Wrenns were on friendly terms because Benedict and
Edward used to serve in the same army unit when they were young. At the time, they became friends
and worked their way up through the ranks, but compared to the Wrenns, who continued to stay in the
army, the Gardners went into business afterward. Even so, Benjamin had served in the army for some
time when he was young. Back when Colton came of age and had yet to take over the Gardner
Corporation, Benjamin had arranged for him to undergo rigorous training in the army for a year and a

Pioneers were founded by Benedict back then and were now headed by the Gardners. Benjamin had
wanted to let Colton take command of them, but Colton didn't do so for various reasons. However, now
that Colton had to ensure Wendy's safety in this urgent situation, he had no choice but to depend on
them. "Yeah. I'm afraid that Wendy might get hurt, so it'd be more reassuring to send a team here."

"Mm-hmm," Benjamin mumbled before falling silent. Only the sound of keyboard tapping was heard;
the man was probably issuing orders. After a long while, he finally said, "Don't tell your mom about this.
It'll be too much for her." Anna had a gentle nature, so she would probably be scared out of her wits if
she were to learn about Wendy's kidnapping.

"I got it. Thanks, Dad," Colton said before hanging up the phone. Feeling rather restless, he took out a
cigarette and wanted to light it, only to put it down in silence when he recalled his conversation with
Nicole just now.

At the moment, he had someone spying on Jerry, which greatly eased his worries. Still, he couldn't
sleep at the thought of his little sister being kidnapped. Wendy had a naive personality. She was raised

in the Gardner Family and spoiled by the Gardners, so she was a little prideful, but she wasn't
domineering. Moreover, she was brought up single-handedly by Anna and thus inherited the latter's
gentle temperament.

Colton knew that Jerry surely wouldn't lay a hand on Wendy. Nevertheless, he couldn't help worrying
deep down that she might get hurt. In the end, he simply didn't bother to think about it anymore.
Flopping down onto the couch, he took out his phone and started scrolling through it.

Meanwhile, after Colton had left, Nicole lay alone in bed, staring wide-eyed at the ceiling with a
somewhat glazed expression. A wave of overwhelming weariness came over her. It was now the
second day after she rushed here from Restrad, but she had only had a few hours of sleep. At first, she
thought she would fall asleep quickly, but she realized that she couldn't sleep no matter how she tossed
and turned.

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