Novel Name : Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy

Chapter 3012

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"I never think…" Stefan curled up his lips into a smile. "I never think I was a handsome guy in the past
until I met a girl. She told me I was the most handsome man she saw. Then I believed her."

While he was talking, he looked at Gwen. "And I remembered what she told me for many many years."

Gwen was shocked for a while and it was followed by a smile. "Did you end up being together with the

Stefan curled his lips. "When she said that, I was still living poorly. She was from a rich family and I was
not worthy to be together with her. Besides, she was in love with someone else. But…"

He looked at Gwen seriously, "But both of us were together for a short period. That was the happiest
moment of my life."

He was referring to the time he first met Gwen and the time he and Gwen were together.

However, Gwen did not remember seeing Luke before and she also did not remember she used to say
he was very good-looking.

Without pondering too much, she asked, "Are you saying you two broke up?"



After a slight pause, Stefan said, "I don't feel like saying it now. Maybe I'll tell you after we knew each
other more."

At that moment, Gwen realized she was stepping over the boundary by asking that question. After all,
they were not close enough with each other to share their past and their feelings.

She quickly apologized and went to get the information to pass on to Stefan. "This is the information
that I have gathered about Luke's gang and the gang members. You can take a look so you know more
for now. When you and Kurt join the gang, Kurt will help you to get to know them more."

Stefan nodded and accepted the information. He then glanced over them.

Gwen had handwritten all of the information down. Her writings were very pretty. There was a lot of
information and it must have taken her a lot of effort to write them down.

Stefan raised his brow, "Were you busy writing these down for the past few nights?"

Gwen smiled embarrassingly, "Yes, but not every night."

She took a deep breath and looked at the time. "It's getting late. We should rest early. You and Kurt are
going to the gang tomorrow."

"Okay," Stefan responded and entered his room together with the information Gwen wrote. "I will store
them in a safe place."

The next morning. Kurt and Stefan left the place before Gwen woke up.

When Gwen was awake, she saw the breakfast on the table and a note written by Stefan. He reminded
her to take her meal on time every day.

Gwen felt warm looking at the breakfast and the nicely written note. The corner of her mouth raised

Just then, she heard a car stopping by in front. It was followed by the sound of the car door opening
and shutting.

It alerted Gwen. She quickly packed up the breakfast and hid inside the room underneath the staircase
where Kurt stayed.

The moment she closed the door, she heard the front door opening.

It was followed by two voices.

"Why do I have a feeling that someone was living in here?"

"Didn't you say no one is going to be here?"

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