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Chapter 1998

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Max had already acted very promptly, and yet, the people he had sent ended up coming back empty-
handed anyway. The doctor was nowhere to be found, and he had probably fled during midnight. In
addition, he had not left any clues at his home, and no one knew how he had left or where he had

After knowing what had happened, Nicole's pupils contracted slightly. "If that's the case, could he
already be murdered?"

"It's possible," he replied, as they were all thinking that too.

Nicole bit her lip lightly, as though she was lost in thought. Upon noticing Nicole's silence, Jared left her
be, as he knew that she needed time to calm down.

After some time, the car slowly came to a halt as they had already arrived at the headquarters of the
Riddle Corporation.

Nicole got out of the car, and was about to say something when Jared beat her to it. "I'll come to pick
you up after work."

She paused for a moment before agreeing, "Sure."

A satisfied look flashed across Jared's face. He watched as Nicole entered the building and left.

Nicole went to the top level of the building where the highest-ranking officers worked and that was
when she spotted Sean and Steve.

They could not help but feel sorry for Nicole upon noticing the amount of documents she was holding.
"You just started working. There's no need to push yourself so hard. Take it easy."

"I..." Nicole looked at the documents in her hands. "Not all of them are related to work."

To be specific, only one of them was about work, and it was the letter of intent on cooperation that
Lawrence had given her. The other two were given to her by Jared; one was the information about the
partners of the Riddle Corporation and the other featured the details about Nolan and Lana's future

"Hey guys, I have something to tell you," Nicole said with a stern expression without divulging more
about the documents in her hands.

The look on Sean and Steve's faces became solemn too after hearing that.

"Let's go to your office then," Sean said.


Soon after, the three of them stepped foot into Nicole's office.

"About what happened to Grandpa, something went wrong with the investigation. The doctor has gone
missing," Nicole briefly informed.

"What? What happened?" Sean and Steve asked, feeling a little shocked.

Nobody else was supposed to know that they were investigating their grandfather's medication, so they
were not expecting anyone to be alerted by their actions.

"I don't know." Nicole shook her head.

Although she had thought of several possibilities, she did not have any evidence to back them up.

"Now that the doctor is gone, there's no way we can find out who's behind everything that has
transpired," Steve said in frustration.

The doctor had no reason to harm their grandfather unless he had been bribed. After all, he was just a
pawn, and discovering who the mastermind behind it all was the biggest priority.

"You're right," Sean said, agreeing that it would be very difficult for them to trace the person behind
everything, as the doctor had disappeared into the night.

"Since there's nothing we can do now, let's just report the doctor to the police. As for the mastermind..."
A hint of profound coldness flashed in Nicole's eyes before she continued. "The person who can benefit
most from this is the most suspicious. We just have to be prepared."

Sean and Steve exchanged glances upon hearing that, knowing what to do at once.

Indeed, if something horrible had really happened to their grandfather, the person who could benefit the
most would have the highest degree of suspicion. Of course, it did not mean that they were going to
exclude any other individuals who could gain something from it too.

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