Novel Name : My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 1350 He Does Not Want You

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Genevieve considered herself more beautiful than Scarlette, but she had to admit that her figure was
not as good as hers.

Charlotte said, “It couldn't be Mr. Faulkner, could it?”

Genevieve hummed and handed the photo back to her, “This woman is Mando's childhood friend, and I
heard her family has a deep connection with the Faulkner family.”

Charlotte's face was full of shock, “Then why did you sign her?”

“Mando asked me to sign it.”

Charlotte looked at Genevieve with a puzzled expression, seemingly not understanding her mysterious

Genevieve leaned back in her chair, casually saying, “Didn't you mention that men are into this type?
She should be able to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry pretty quickly. As long as
she can make money for me, that's all that matters.”

“Genevieve, you're so open-minded.” Charlotte gave Genevieve a thumbs up. “If it were my boyfriend's
childhood friend, I would tear her apart.”

How could she possibly help her love rival succeed in the entertainment industry? That's just ridiculous!

Charlotte opened another file and was stunned by the photo she saw. She looked at Genevieve and
asked, “Is Jerry an artist at Genevieve Orsi Productions?”

“Isn't that right?” Genevieve asked in return.

Charlotte suddenly remembered that when Jerry's contract with his previous entertainment company
was about to expire, Genevieve had poached him for Genevieve Orsi Productions. Jerry had
mentioned this to her before, but she had quickly forgotten about it.

Charlotte broke up with her ex-boyfriend in an open and honest manner. When they met again, they
were still friends and could chat and laugh together.

Just thinking about becoming Jerry's agent and meeting him every now and then made her feel uneasy
and a bit embarrassed.

Charlotte pushed the documents back, “You can take them to the other agents.”

Genevieve lifted her eyes to look at her, with a playful smile, she said, “Didn't you say you broke up
with Jerry? He's your ex-boyfriend now, are you still afraid of being around him?”

“What am I afraid of!” Charlotte retorted stubbornly.

“Well, that's it,” Genevieve said. “You two are familiar with each other, and he doesn't need you to worry
about anything. If he gets a top-level film and television resource or a luxury brand endorsement, you'll
also get a share of the profits.”

“If you deliberately avoid him, it means you do care about his past,” Genevieve added leisurely.

Charlotte's face changed as if her words had struck her heart.

After Jerry won the Best Actor trophy, all the good opportunities were handed to him. Directors and
producers constantly invited him to work on their projects, and as his agent, Charlotte could make a
fortune from these deals. There was no reason for her to refuse such a great opportunity.

Not long after Genevieve left, Jerry's former agent sent Charlotte a bunch of people's contact
information and schedules.

Jerry has an A-level contract with Genevieve Orsi Productions, which offers him a lot of freedom.
However, the company assigns specific tasks for Jerry to complete each year.

Previously, Jerry had postponed his tasks again and again to accompany Charlotte, pushing them all to
November and December. As a result, Charlotte now saw his schedule completely packed.

Charlotte flipped through the schedule and found out that Jerry couldn't get more than five hours of
sleep a day. She couldn't help but feel a little heartache for him.

Before, she never worried about Jerry's work. Whenever she needed him, she would just make a
phone call, and the two of them would travel the world together.

If the production team calls, Charlotte impatiently tells him to stop acting, and she'll pay him the film
remuneration herself.

Charlotte tried to put herself in the shoes of someone who worked hard and earned a high salary, only
to be constantly harassed by their boyfriend, who showed no respect for their job. She imagined that
she would be quite annoyed in such a situation.

Was she always this mean, treating Jerry like a little dog, ordering him around?

She felt heartbroken for less than two seconds before Genevieve called, “Sorry, Jerry doesn't want you
to be his agent. He specifically asked for Camilla Burton.”

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