Novel Name : My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Chapter 1843 Geniuses

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When Byron returned to the manor, Rosalie hinted through eye contact that he should keep it a secret
from the kids that Melody got into an accident.

“Daddy, Mommy, I registered myself in the Coding Competition. It’s a global-level competition!” Nox
wanted to get his parents to praise him.

Byron immediately touched Nox’s head and praised, “Bravo! Remember not to bully the other kids with
your skills.”

Nox’s hacking skill had already reached a level that could make Byron’s jaw drop.

Lucian wanted to enjoy being touched on the head by his daddy. Thus, he also said, “Daddy, I
registered myself in a reality show called ‘The Brilliants’ and got first place in the qualifying round. The
show crew wants me to join the final round. Can I go?’

That startled Rosalie. She wondered what the little ones had been doing when she and Byron were not

Byron carried Lucian and kissed him as he praised, “Lucian, you have a good memory that's better
than a computer. You can go if you want to. I'll accompany you.”

Estelle was eager to get praised. After pondering, she told them what she had achieved, “Daddy,
Mommy, I sent a design to a famous designer abroad. That designer said he wants to take me as his
apprentice, but I'm still young and don’t want to go abroad yet.”

That took Byron and Rosalie by surprise.

“Who's the designer? You have to make sure he's indeed a famous designer.” Byron was worried the
designer would deceive Estelle. Thus, he asked with concern.

Lucian and Nox explained the situation on Estelle’s behalf about the designer.

“I found him for Estie. He's Mr. Lauren, one of the top three designers in the world. He has designed for
many famous brands.”

“Yes. Estie didn't know how to send an email. It was I who helped her translate and send the email. The
replied email is still in my inbox. It's indeed Mr. Lauren’s official email address.”

Byron and Rosalie looked at each other.

They wondered how strong their genes were that they could give birth to three geniuses.

Mr. Lauren was a famous designer known in the industry. Even Byron had no idea how to answer

However, they still praised and kissed her, just like how they had responded to her brothers.

At last, Estelle suggested, “I’ll be Mr. Lauren’s apprentice when I get bigger. I need to practice my
foreign language and be like Lucian and Nox. They're so talented and even know a few foreign

The atmosphere in the manor was joyful. Lucian and Nox asked about Melody at last.

Apparently, they had seen the news and knew about Melody getting involved in the car crash.

To assure them Melody was fine, Byron took out his phone and video-called Melody.

Melody chatted with the triplets for an hour happily.

Looking at their grandmother being fine made them feel relieved.

Melody burst out in tears at the Lawrence family's mansion after she hung up the call.

Benedict, who returned with the peeled apple, quickly asked, “Weren't you having a good conversation
with the kids? Why are you crying?”

“It’s tears of joy! I've never been this happy before. My grandchildren care about me. I can feel the
happiness of being a grandma now.”

Melody was indeed shedding tears of joy.

She noticed that even though Rosalie had not forgiven her for everything, she still felt blessed and

Before this, she had never thought that changing her attitude could bring her so many surprises.

Why was she blinded with hatred before and mistreated Rosalie so badly?

“I’m glad you feel blessed. Your attitude toward the situation will change your life.” Benedict smiled as
he handed Melody the apple.

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