Novel Name : My Baby's Daddy

Chapter 2215

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Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2215-Josephine’s breath got stuck in her chest. It really was the car
that Ethan bought for her! She sighed inwardly as she felt a throbbing pain. in her head. What am I
going to do now? The entire office is talking about this and if I admit that it’s my car… Given everyone’s
current guesses, they’ll think that I’m the mistress of some wealthy man.

“Whose car could it be?” Next to her, Wren narrowed her eyes and pondered over this like a detective.
Josephine discretely slipped the bag under her desk and held her aching head in resignation.

Within a day, Josephine’s issue was completely solved while Katrina became the public’s target of
verbal abuses. The Sullivan Family could barely sleep that night, especially Ivanka, who couldn’t sleep
a wink at all because she was busy blaming herself. In the meantime, Katrina was in the lockup. The
beautiful makeup she wore in the morning now looked utterly ghastly. She wrapped her arms around
herself as she trembled pathetically. Although she was devastated, she had run out of tears of remorse
to cry.

But alas, there was no cure for regret in this world, and she despised Tori to the core. If Tori hadn’t
instigated her, she would have never made such a mistake. Undoubtedly, she started to resent her
sister as well for devising such a foul idea. Ultimately, however, she hated her own folly even more.

The next morning, Josephine showed up at work as usual. She was the target of sneers and ridicule
yesterday, but some who scorned her were avoiding her like the plague today, and some even greeted
her without any shame..

Their entire 180 was due to the fact that they have finally learned of her connections and how powerful
her background truly was, so they were now genuinely afraid of crossing her. On the other hand,
Josephine appeared as though nothing had happened as she did her makeup and memorized the
script in preparation for her work.

When Wren found an opportunity to approach her, she breathed a sigh of relief as she stated, “Katrina
is completely rotten. I would have never thought that it was her.” “Of course, there’s another person
besides her,” Josephine said. “The one who gave her the idea.”

“Frankly, I have never once thought that Tori could be such a person. I just assumed that she was just a
little arrogant. I could have never imagined that she’s capable of such malice.”

In all honesty, Josephine was rather happy that Katrina made such a dumb move. Because of this, she
didn’t have to face the two people she hated the most on a daily basis.

Josephine’s news broadcast started, and she was completely unaffected by the scandal that had taken
the company by storm. Instead, her performance was amazing, and several netizens deliberately
waited to watch her news broadcast just to see how talented the framed host was. By the end of it,
some of them were even smitten with her looks and professionalism and turned into her fans. In
addition, her broadcast rating went up by ten points, which was an all-time high for the company.

In the meantime, Tori’s news in the afternoon slot was replaced by another female host as Tori was
placed under investigation and suspended without pay. Meanwhile, Katrina was given the boot and was
no longer part of the company.

“My god, Josephine. You’re amazing! You have no idea how people are complimenting your voice on
the Internet!” “Yeah, they said you’re pretty, graceful, and have a beautiful voice!” A smile spread
across Josephine’s face. ‘Really? I’ll do my best to take care of myself, then.”

Just when she was about to step into the elevator, Tori suddenly dashed out from one of them. She
appeared to be in a rush, but when she saw Josephine, she glared at her furiously.

“You’re definitely swimming in delight now, aren’t you Josephine.” Josephine scoffed in disdain as she
retorted mercilessly, “You brought this upon yourself. Why should I be delighted when I’m the victim


Regardless, when Tori’s mind kept returning to the thought that she had spent the night with an old
man and was now facing such criticism from Josephine, she felt the very last strands of her sanity
snap. “Don’t get so cocky, Josephine. You’ll receive your retribution,” she spat viciously and went
straight to Atticus’ office.

Atticus was about to go out when she entered in a flurry of skirts. “Just what are you doing here? Didn’t
I already tell you not to show up at the office?” he demanded in annoyance. “Mr. Kowalski, I can host
the news. This doesn’t affect my work in any way. Please let me return to work!”

“You still want to come back to work after destroying the company’s image with your actions? Just look
at what you’ve done to Katrina!” Atticus was furious. Because of this matter, his wife was in a cold war
with him, leaving their three sons alone and him with a pounding headache.

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