Novel Name : Life at the Top

Chapter 2382

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Jagoan punched the table angrily. “It’s Jagoan again! Why? Why do you always want to go against

At this moment, her face was full of anger like an angry female leopard.

Just now, she had learned what happened in the newcomer’s locker room through the bug.

In her original plan, Warwick and the others should have no time to think about the authenticity of the
email due to the suddenness of the incident. By then, she would be able to successfully disrupt the
wedding when the conditions were right.

However, she never expected that Jagoan to secretly send someone to contact Xenna’s family ahead
of time, ruining her plan.

Jagoan despised Jagoan in her heart now, but she seemed to forget that she was the one who forgot
this entire thing since the beginning.

“Miss Jagoan…”

When Jagoan heard Edmund’s voice, she also realized her gaffe just now.

Thus, Jagoan quickly recomposed herself, went back to her precious calm expression, and said with a
smile, “Edmund, I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.

“It doesn’t matter if Jagoan discovers my plan. This is just an appetizer. The show I prepared for him is
not that simple. Next, I’ll have to depend on Kimbra and your performance.”

After saying that, Jagoan shook her hips and walked in front of Edmund, staring straight into Edmund’s
brown eyes.

“Edmund, you won’t let me down after this, right? I want to make a comeback, and you are the only one
I can rely on.”

Edmund looked at Jagoan in front of him and immediately put his doubts behind him.

“Miss Jagoan, I will definitely not let you down!”


On Jagoan’s side, the turmoil subsided, and the wedding went on as usual. The best men and
bridesmaids became busy again.

At this moment, they seemed to have forgotten the rift just now, and they had started talking and
laughing again. However, once some things had happened, it would be difficult to completely forget it.

Soon, Warwick and Elibetha, who were dressed to the nines, walked to the center of the venue
surrounded by the crowd and accompanied by cheerful music.

The wedding had officially begun!

“As the bride, it’s fine for Elibetha to wear a long robe as a sign of respect for the customs here, but
why are you also wearing a veil?”

Jagoan looked at Jagoan, who had changed without him realizing, and spoke with curiosity.

Although he was also one of the best men tonight, he did not have a lot of tasks, so most of the time,
he could just sit in the corner and rest.

Jagoan rubbed her forehead helplessly and sighed, “Do you think I want to dress like this? It’s because
Beth said that even though I couldn’t be the bridesmaid, she still wanted me to enjoy the treatment of a

“Well, the bridesmaid’s treatment is this long robe that will cover my entire body.”

Jagoan was about to continue complaining but was interrupted by Jagoan waving his hand. “Keep it
down, the clergyman is starting the wedding ceremony!”

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, the clergyman in a white robe began to preach.

After a series of procedures, the wedding finally progressed to the most critical part.

“My children, tell me, are you willing to take this person next to you as a lifelong partner, never to

The clergyman’s voice sounded slowly in the hall.

Warwick and Elibetha stood facing each other with deep affection in their eyes. The answer was self-

When they were about to say their answers out loud, a burly figure suddenly rushed in front of them.

It was Kimbra!

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