Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 627

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Diana thought that she could let Julian go.

But as it turned out, outsiders were always wiser when it comes to relationships.

If it weren’t for Madam Fulcher’s intervention, Diana didn’t know how much longer it would take for her
and Julian to reconcile.

The mere thought of Madam Fulcher sent her mood plummeting once more, but in order to not worry
Julian, she turned her face away quietly. “Let the workers come in quickly. If we drag things out later,
it’ll affect our rest.”

After the room was tidied up, it did feel a lot more comfortable.

Diana laid on the bed after dinner to get some rest.

Julian called out to Diana a few times, but she didn’t respond.

She was probably asleep.

Julian asked Noel for help, and the latter opened the windows with a clatter. He then lit a cigarette
under the pale moonlight.

Memories of his grandmother washed over him like an overwhelming sandstorm. He dared not express
his longing for Grandma in front of Diana in the day, for fear that they would both drown in their sorrow.
That left him with only

nighttime, which he would spend smoking on a cigarette and staring at the dim flame under the

He took a long puff, feeling the smoke go through his throat into his chest.

Although he had no idea what Grandma was like in her youth, he tried to imagine it through the puffs of
smoke surrounding him; how she was like growing up into the role of a grandmother, and how she had
come to love and care for him.

The cigarette flame flickered in the dark.

Yet, the love Grandma left behind for him would never be extinguished.

Diana was, in fact, not asleep.

She could smell the smoke of cigarettes.

Julian would never smoke in her room, unless he was in deep sorrow.

Although he seemed normal the entire day, he was in fact putting up a front and simply finding
distractions to forget about the pain Grandma’s death brought to him.

Alas, the distractions were hardly effective.

Memories and longing for another would never fail to drown one out in the deep of the night.

It felt just like when Diana had lost her babies; the pain and sorrow had washed over her so silently yet
so thoroughly, filling her every pore.

She would really rather be the one who suffered at the abandoned estate.

She didn’t want Grandma to be the one to suffer.

And yet, Grandma would never allow that. She was Grandma’s darling.

Because of Grandma, she had a kin who treated her as a darling.

Unfortunately, that was no longer true now.

Tears flowed down her cheeks once again, dripping onto her pillow.

After a while, almost half her pillow was wet.

Yet she seemed ignorant of it as she laid on the bed quietly with her eyes wide open, listening to
Julian’s labored breathing and the subtle smell of cigarette smoke that would drift into the room. Her
heart felt heavy.


He was the only kin she had left now.

Diana’s mind was in a mess. She looked up at him from behind as her heart began to ache.

She knew Kayla was being brought to the hospital. If she didn’t say certain things right now, it would be
too late when Julian decided to finish Kayla off once and for all tomorrow.

After a moment’s thought, she wiped the tears away from her swollen eyes and waited till her eyes
looked less puffy

and red before walking toward Julian.

“Julian,” she called out gently.

His fingers that were holding onto the cigarette trembled. He turned around in slight shock, and
immediately put out the cigarette. “You’re awake?”

He was really lost in his thoughts at that moment.

For a person as keen and sharp-witted as he was, he didn’t even realize that she was awake and
moving around.

Diana felt rather guilty. She knew she shouldn’t be bringing this up knowing that he was in the throes of
sorrow, but the thought of their babies’ ashes made her bite the bullet. And so, she said softly,

Confusion flashed past Julian’s eyes. “What about Kayla?”

Diana’s fingers intertwined with each other as unease filled her heart. “When will you.Jet her go?” 1

Julian looked as if he just heard the biggest joke of his life, and shifted his gaze downwards. He flicked
the cigarette between his fingers, as if driving away an annoying fly. His eyes turned dark as he spoke
in a voice laced with sarcasm and thinly-veiled anger, “Diana Winnington, do you have any idea what
you’re talking about?!”

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