Novel Name : I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2148

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No wonder the lady was so excited when she heard that David was coming.

As she was looking at David and her lady’s backs, Peridot felt that this was finally perfect.

Both of them were totally worthy of each other.

Beanie brought David into the Nacht Residence’s living room and asked Peridot to stand guard outside
and not let anyone in.

Beanie knew that with David’s identity, he must need something from her if he was here.

After David sat down, Beanie brewed a pot of tea for him and sat across from him after pouring it.

“Master David, please have some tea.”

“Thank you, Ms. Beanie!” David held up his teacup and thanked her.

After taking a sip, David said, “Ms. Beanie, last time I had something urgent to deal with, so I left
without saying goodbye. I hope you won’t take it to heart.”

“Please don’t say that. You should make your affairs your priority and not worry about me so much.
Without you, where would I be now? I don’t even have time to thank you properly so why would I
mind?” Beanie said fearfully.

“Ms. Beanie, I’m glad that you don’t mind. It was just a small matter for me, after all, I’m also a part of
the team and I took your money. So I should be helping you to avoid disasters,” David laughed.

“Master David, stop joking. To be able to hire someone like you with that little money, we would need to
pre-book you 10 thousand years in advance,” Beanie also replied with a smile.

“I can’t be a bodyguard, but if you need anything in the future, you can come to me. If I can, I will
definitely help you.”

“Thank you in advance, Master David.”

The two chatted for a while before David cut to the chase.

“Ms. Beanie, actually I’m here this time to ask for your help.”

“What is it?”

“Ms. Beanie, you have lived in Nightingale City for a long time, so I would like to ask, which place in
Nightingale City sells the most expensive treasures?”

“The most expensive? What do you want to buy?” Beanie asked.

“I haven’t decided what to buy yet. I just want to see if there is anything I like. It’s my first time visiting
The Spirit Cage, and I’m curious about the things here,” David replied.

“I see, then I don’t think Nightingale City will have anything that you like. Although this place is close to
Crow City and the Endless Forest, if someone finds a more precious treasure, they will definitely not
sell it here,” Beanie thought for a while and said.

Although there would not be a lot of valuable treasures in the Endless Forest, occasionally there would
be one or two, like the Silver Flood Dragon she bought this time and the Beast Crystal in its body.

They were considered priceless.

These families in Nightingale City would struggle to afford it, and even if they wanted to buy it, they
would try to lower the price.

If the final decision from the seniors of the Nacht family was to sell it, then they would not do it in
Nightingale City but in the nearest second-tier city.

Beanie knew that with David’s identity, he would certainly look down on ordinary treasures.

Then he could hardly buy anything he liked in Nightingale City.

It would be rare to find anything exceptional here.

“Why won’t anyone sell in Nightingale City?” David wondered.

“Because Nightingale City is only a third-tier city. It’s too small and its consumption level is limited. The
people here can’t afford treasures that are too precious. If someone finds something good in the
Endless Forest, they will take it to the nearest second-tier city or even first-tier city. The forces in those
places can easily afford treasures,” Beanie explained.

‘I see!’

David understood.

Crow City was equivalent to a small county on Earth, while Nightingale City was equivalent to a city,
and so on. Hence, the main city was likely to be similar to Capital City or Springfield on Earth.

If that was the case, the consumption level of a third-tier city was indeed limited.

“Ms. Beanie, how far is the nearest second-tier city from Nightingale City?” David continued to ask.

“Do you want to go to a second-tier city?”

“I want to go and have a look. It’s not every day that I come here, so I have to take a good look around
The Spirit Cage.” David nodded.

“Master David, the nearest second-tier city is called Sole. If you take the carriage, it will take about
fifteen days.”

“Fifteen days? That far?”

“Master David, you must know that The Spirit Cage is only a virtual world after all. There are various
restrictions here and it is incomparable to the real world.”

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