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Chapter 563: Inscrutable

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Shen Ruojing seemed to have guessed something, but she was not so sure.

It was mainly because that person didn’t have to treat her like that…

After returning from Princess Consort Yan’s prison, she had been sitting blankly in Shen Qianhui’s

After all, Shen Qianhui just had a miscarriage and needed rest, so she had been lying in bed, sleeping.
Seeing her daughter’s expression, she hesitated and asked, “Ruojing, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Shen Ruojing lowered her eyes and suddenly said, “Mom, have you ever felt that someone
who has always been by your side suddenly becomes inscrutable?’

Shen Qianhui laughed. “Everyone has secrets that they don’t want others to know. Even as mother and
daughter, I have my own little thoughts that I don’t want you to see, let alone others. But for so many
years, I’ve always felt that it’s enough as long as we follow one principle in whatever we do.”

Shen Ruojing hesitated but still asked, “What principle?’

Shen Qianhui said, “Follow your heart.”

Shen Ruojing paused.

She had always been rational ever since she was a child and didn’t believe in things like intuition. Shen
Qianhui, on the other hand, was sometimes emotional in her actions. For example, when they were in
Haicheng, she had long since known that the Shen family was not good to her, but she was unwilling to
admit it and continued to serve the family…

At that time, Shen Ruojing thought that her mother was foolish.

But now that she thought about it again, her mother had always acted according to her heart. Even
though the Shen family didn’t treat her well, they had raised her. She never owed the Shen family

As for her father…

Her mother unconditionally trusted Jing Zhen, even if it meant following him to Country A without fear.
That was why her father was able to take care of everything for her. Shen Qianhui didn ‘t do anything
after coming to Country A, but she was now the only princess consort in the palace.

She had never doubted the truth about others’ feelings toward her, and even when she was hurt, she
never feared.

It seemed that Shen Ruojing understood something, so she nodded.

Just then, someone came to report that Ji WUY0U had arrived.

When Shen Ruojing stepped out, she saw Song Chen standing outside the door, looking at Ji Wuyou
with a hostile gaze.

Song Chen’s entire body exuded an icy and sharp aura, which reminded Shen Ruojing of Chu Cichen
once again.

These days, she had been busy dealing with matters in the palace, and Chu Cichen hadn’t replied to
her messages, so she didn’t bother, thinking that man was just too petty.

While she was lost in thought, Ji WUY0U saw her and immediately stepped forward. He lowered his
voice. ‘Your Highness, do you want Princess Consort Shen to become the Queen?”

Shen Ruojing hesitated momentarily and leaned closer to him. “What do you mean?”

Ji Wuyou leaned closer to Shen Ruojing and said, “At the royal meeting today, someone mentioned
that His Majesty’s harem is empty and suggested that he should take more wives to fill the harem to
ensure the continuation of the royal lineage…”

Shen Ruojing sneered. “What did my father say? ‘

Ji Wuyou was slightly taken aback by her use of the term ‘my father’. In Country A, the hierarchy was
strict, and the King was the most revered existence. As a result, Shen Ruojing’s Chinese-style address
could be seen as disrespectful to the King.

However, Ji WUY0U immediately lowered his eyes, pretending not to have heard anything. “Ahem, the
King said that he had been injured a few days ago and was diagnosed by the royal physician to have
difficulty having more offspring. Besides, he is getting old and decided not to take any more wives. If
everyone is worried about the issue of heirs, they can… ahem.”

Ji Wuyou coughed and hesitated to say the next part.

Just as Shen Ruojing was about to ask something, an icy voice interrupted, “If Commander Ji is feeling
unwell, he should stay away from Her Highness to avoid spreading the sickness.”

Ji Wuyou.

Shen Ruojing glanced at Song Chen, sensing a hint of jealousy in his tone.

Song Chen’s words were always gentle, as if he had been wronged.

But the icy tone just now was more like Chu Cichen’s.

Hence, Shen Ruojing raised her eyebrows and couldn’t help but look at Song Chen again.

Ever since she had arrived in Country A, she couldn’t tell whether Song Chen was really Song Chen or
Chu Cichen…

As she pondered, Ji Wuyou stepped back to put some distance between him and Shen Ruojing. He
coughed subconsciously, but remembering Song Chen’s warning, he stifled the cough in his throat. His
face then turned red. After a moment, he said, “His Majesty said that if everyone is worried about the
issue of heirs, they can consider choosing more princes for Her Highness, ahem.”

Ji Wuyou didn’t want to cough either.

But he couldn’t help it!

How could he, an unmarried man, say such a thing?

Upon hearing this, Shen Ruojing’s face was marked with three dark lines.

She almost instinctively looked at Song Chen guiltily.

She saw the man’s expression change from surprise to ridicule, almost mockingly saying, “Wow, Her
Highness is really fortunate! ”

His tone, his expression… just like a jealous Chu Cichen!

Shen Ruojing coughed and looked away, but when she felt Song Chen’s gaze on her, she asked, “You
mentioned earlier that there’s a way for my mother to become the Queen… What’s your plan?”

Ji Wuyou whispered, “The royal family has always wanted to ally with an international power.
Coincidentally, their leader has come to Country A.. If Your Highness can establish a good relationship
with him, then there is hope for the position of Queen!”

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