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Chapter 1050 Finally Seeing Skyler

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It was as though Sofia had forgotten what had happened between her and Skyler, how she dumped
him and married another man abroad. Although that marriage was only titular, it was because of that
that she and Skyler had ‘missed out on each other’.

“I’m going to look for him.” After she made up her mind, she rose to her feet and wanted to leave.

Garrick noticed her decisive stance and reminded her, “Sometimes, you may get surprising results
using unorthodox means.” He was accustomed to achieving goals by any means in the business world,
so he figured that unorthodox means could be applied to relationships, too.

“I got it.” She picked up her purse, walked out of the living room, and waved without looking back.

Then, she drove her flashy, red Ferrari that she had parked in the courtyard and left the villa, speeding
down the road. While she was in the car, she connected the Bluetooth devices and made a call, “Find
out Matthew Kings’ current address for me.”

“Yes, miss,” the other party replied.

Three minutes later, the number called back, and she answered, “Tell me.”

“Miss, Matthew Kings is currently living in Serenity Gardens, and I’ve sent the exact address to your
phone,” the guy from earlier said and hung up.

She turned on her phone, tapped on the navigation, and started driving toward Matthew’s house by
following the navigation. About forty minutes later, her car stopped outside the thick, heavy gates of
Serenity Gardens. She gazed at the villa that was luxurious and brimming with grandeur, but she was
in no mood to appreciate its magnificence. Instead, her heart was racing, and her hands on the
steering wheel tightened a little as she pursed her lips together.

When one was nervous, their mouths felt dry, and that was true for Sofia, who was a little hopeful. She
hoped to see Skyler, but she was a little afraid that she would end up disappointed.

Honk. Honk.

She sounded her car honk, and a servant came out to ask, “May I know who you are?”

She laid her eyes on the servant standing outside her car window and smiled at her. “Hello, I’m
Matthew’s friend, and here to visit him.”

The servant took one look at the Ferrari she was driving and reckoned that she was an extraordinary
person with a distinguished status, which matched the status of her master very well, and was probably
included in his circle of friends. As she didn’t dare to offend Sofia, she nodded and quickly opened the
thick gates with hollowed carvings.

Sofia drove in, stopped the car in the parking lot, hopped out, and took out some supplements from the
boot. She had bought these on the way here because she already planned to use visiting as an excuse
to find out whether Skyler was around.

When one wos nervous, their mouths felt dry, ond thot wos true for Sofio, who wos o little hopeful. She
hoped to see Skyler, but she wos o little ofroid thot she would end up disoppointed.

Honk. Honk.

She sounded her cor honk, ond o servont come out to osk, “Moy I know who you ore?”

She loid her eyes on the servont stonding outside her cor window ond smiled ot her. “Hello, I’m
Motthew’s friend, ond here to visit him.”

The servont took one look ot the Ferrori she wos driving ond reckoned thot she wos on extroordinory
person with o distinguished stotus, which motched the stotus of her moster very well, ond wos probobly
included in his circle of friends. As she didn’t dore to offend Sofio, she nodded ond quickly opened the
thick gotes with hollowed corvings.

Sofio drove in, stopped the cor in the porking lot, hopped out, ond took out some supplements from the
boot. She hod bought these on the woy here becouse she olreody plonned to use visiting os on excuse
to find out whether Skyler wos oround.

“Ah, slower, please. It’s too high…”

Soon after she carried the stuff out of the boot, she heard the sounds of laughter from nearby. So, she
followed the source of the noises; she saw a long-haired girl in a yellow floral dress on a swing, and
behind her stood a man in a white suit. That man… Who else is that but Skyler?

“Sky…” Her eyes lit up, and she took a couple of steps forward, excitement written through the smile on
her face. Finally, after three months, she could see him again. It was an excitement that nobody could
understand, but when she saw and recognized the girl on the swing, she felt a tight squeeze in her
chest, and her heart turned cold, followed by a stab through her heart.

They… They are really together. All she felt was the tightness in her throat, and her heart was in such a
terrible wrenching pain that it was suffocating. Then, the words Garrick left her with earlier replayed in
her mind, and she quickly recollected herself. From afar, she called, “Skye?”

One call and the two persons in front of her turned to look in her direction. Skyler was stunned, and
Shirley, who was wearing a mask, turned simultaneously, recognizing that the person in front of them
was none other than Sofia.

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