Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 626

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It was no longer just a ward!

Even the color of the wall in the ward had turned pink!

She had no idea what wall paint they used, but it was odorless and didn’t affect any of them in the

“Draw red roses on the wall.” Julian waved at Diana upon seeing her enter the ward as he continued
giving Noel instructions. “Let the workers draw that on the wall. She likes it.”

What has this place turned into?!

How could he be allowed to just draw on the wall?

Diana found everything so needlessly exaggerated. “No need for that.”

She quickly signaled for Noel to stop. “We’re not at home. The ward’s good enough as it is.” ‘The
master wants you to feel comfortable and happy staying here,” Noel said, speaking up for Julian.

“But if the hospital pursues the matter…” ‘They won’t.” Noel chuckled, “Madam, I realize you’re always
underestimating the power of the master’s financial ability.”

If the hospital really was upset, Fulcher Inc. could simply purchase the entire building in a matter of

If that happened, how could they possibly get angry?

What’s more, the ward was more homey and warm after the transformation, and it no longer looked so
dead and lifeless. What’s more, the fact that the great Mr. Fulcher and his wife stayed in the ward may

make it a popular destination for many people after Julian got discharged.

“I’m afraid you might not be aware, Madam,” Noel said to Diana. “Everyone in the city is envious of
your relationship with the master, and some even look up to the both of you as a prime example of
love. Many socialites

have declared that their sole wish in life is to find a partner with whom they can share a self-sacrificial
love with.”

Diana was shocked to hear that.

“Did Julian’s kneeling do nothing to affect his reputation?” “Of course not.” Noel lamented inwardly
about how naive Diana was despite her strong character, having never truly immersed herself in the
mercenary world of business. That was made worse over the past three years, during which Julian had
protected her so well. He sighed and replied, ‘The nature of the issue doesn’t lie in whether he knelt or
not, but in who was the one kneeling.”

Julian was the one who knelt, and those who were on the receiving end simply felt like they didn’t
deserve it.

Even though there were a few people belonging to the minority who didn’t know their place and were
gleeful about Julian kneeling before them, it wasn’t significant enough to cause any commotion.

There were countless people trying to get into the Fulchers’ good books who would step forward to
help share Julian’s burdens.

Diana pondered about it, and finally figured it out. She heaved a sigh of relief. ‘That’s good.”

She looked at the workers, who were beginning to work on the walls again with furrowed brows. “But I
don’t like red roses anymore now.”

She looked at Julian. “Did you forget?”

After he brought up divorce, she continued waiting for him with expectations.

Eventually, Diana realized that not only did he not come to her and comfort her, or even seek
reconciliation with her, but he even gave that woman flowers and transformed the flower shop that sold
the red roses she liked so much into one that sold lilies.

That was but one of the many ridiculous things that Julian had done.

Julian naturally remembered that, and said rather awkwardly, “Why does my wound suddenly hurt a

He glanced at Noel and said, “Hurry up and get the doctor in here!”

Noel immediately got the hint and quickly cleared out the ward, leaving both Julian and Diana staring at
each other.

“How about this?” With no one else left in the ward, Julian could exercise the full potential of his thick-
skin. He grabbed Diana’s arm and pressed it on his wound. “I’ll let you hit me anyhow you like to vent
your anger, okay?”

Diana wasn’t that unreasonable. “Forget it.”

She pushed him jokingly as she recalled how he determinedly blocked the blade from her.

“Draw ice blue roses instead.”

Since the workers were already here, it would be a waste not to continue the work.

Julian immediately became alert. “Did a man give you such roses before?”

Diana was speechless. “What on earth are you thinking about?”

She simply liked the message those roses conveyed: It’s my fortune to meet you, I love you every day.

That was her silent confession to Julian.

“Are you really not angry anymore?” The thought of those dastardly things he did before filled him with
guilt. He quietly observed the expression on Diana’s face so he could respond immediately.

Tm not angry anymore.”

Yes, Julian did make a mistake with his own affections. However, Diana herself had been blinded by
many things.

After all, she had mistakenly thought that Julian didn’t love her.

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