Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 625

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Diana burst out laughing. “So Grandma’s been a big fat liar since a long time ago!”

“Yeah, she really is a big fat liar.”

She told them she’d live to be a hundred years old.

Yet, she left them so suddenly.

Both of them remained silent for a long while.

It was only until daybreak that Diana finally said, “I’ll go and keep Grandma’s ashes. We’ll bury her with
Grandpa after you’re discharged and recovered.”

Since she didn’t want a funeral, the two of them would send her off quietly.

“Okay.” Julian nodded, “If you feel tired, let Noel handle it.”

“No need,” Diana insisted, “I want to do it myself.”

This was one of the few things that she could do for Grandma.

Julian knew what was in her heart, and understood that the guilt she was feeling needed time to
dissipate. “After going to the crematorium, remember to have your dinner on time.”

“Okay, I will.”

When she returned from the task, it was obvious that Diana had cried up a storm.

Her eyes were even more swollen than they were last night.

It was highly likely that she didn’t have any appetite for dinner.

The sight of Diana’s sorrowful figure made Julian so anxious that he threatened to remove his IV drip
unless he saw her eat something.

A day passed amidst the emotional turmoil.

After eating something, Diana felt her energy return to her.

“Are you going back to the villa tonight?” Julian asked.

He added, “You can ask Nina over to keep you company.”

“No need,” Diana said. “I’ll stay here with you.”

She knew she would only let her imagination run wild if she were to return to the villa. “Nina’s busy with
work, and she usually needs to work on-site at night. I shouldn’t keep bothering her.”

More importantly, if Nina were to see her covered in wounds, her heart would certainly ache as much
as Julian’s.

Diana didn’t want to see her good friend sad for her.

Over the past few days, she had been using her being busy at the hospital as an excuse to stop Nina
from coming to visit her.

Julian respected her decision. “Noel.”

He instructed, “Please prepare a bed for Diana.”

Very soon, Noel came back in with some workers.

The bed in the ward was quickly switched out for a large Simmons bed that was neither too soft nor
hard. Diana used the same brand of mattress in the villa, and it was probably easier for her to get used
to sleeping on this.

Thankfully, the VIP ward was large enough to fit both beds.

However, Diana found it too exaggerated.

When she stood along the corridor just now, she could feel the envious stares from all the nurses. She
could even hear them whispering amongst themselves about how she was Mrs. Fulcher, the one whom
Mr. Fulcher doted to the heavens!

What Mrs. Fulcher? She was currently ex-Mrs. Fulcher.

Still, she didn’t want to correct them. It would seem so petty of her.

She could only flee back to the ward with her head bowed down low, deeply embarrassed.

She looked at Noel and Julian, who were making things even more exaggerated.

The moment she pushed the door and walked through it, she heard Julian say, “Yes, I want it in pink.”

She looked up…and was utterly stunned.

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