Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 624

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Even after Julian was done with his explanation, Diana was unable to calm the raging emotions inside

Her mind was in a complete mess.

Not only because she still felt guilty toward Grandma, but also because Julian said that someone was
looking for Grandma.

She felt a thought flash past her mind, but it went by too quickly and she was unable to pin it down.

Julian saw her remain silent for a long time, and his mind churned as he thought of something to
comfort her. “Don’t blame yourself anymore. Grandma’s death had nothing to do with you. As an old
woman, all she wanted was for her favorite grandchildren to be happy and at peace.”

It was why she deliberately lied to Diana that she was putting on an act, had a bet with Diana, and even
let Diana flee the place first.

She knew it.

She knew it all along.

It was precisely because Diana knew Grandma’s intentions- that Grandma risked everything to bring
her and Julian together-that she felt even worse about it.

But no matter how bad she felt, Diana was unable to bring Grandma back to life.

“She’s just a liar!” Tears welled up in Diana’s eyes again at the mention of Madam Fulcher. It was an
overwhelming emotion that she couldn’t hold back.

The thought of the old lady made her eyes hot with tears.

“She would always lie that she was feeling healthy, that she could handle everything alone. She even
lied to us that she could do it all despite her age, and that she’d live to be a hundred years old.”

Daian’s nose was completely blocked by all the snot that was flowing.

She didn’t want Julian seeing her in this state.

She was still lying next to him, which made it difficult for her to reach out for some napkins.

She could only pull a corner of his gown and rub her nose on it.

After that, she snuck a glance at Julian to make sure he was unaware of what she had done before
lying back down and relaxing herself.

From the side of his vision, Julian could see Diana behaving cautiously like a thief. A tinge of warmth
and tenderness finally crept into his cold, hard eyes.

“I’m still around,” Diana mumbled, as she buried her face in Julian’s chest.

Julian couldn’t make out what she said. “Hmm?”

“Grandma’s no longer around, but I still am,” she said in a small voice. “Although Grandma lied to me, I
won’t lie to Grandma.”

Diana sniffled and went on, “I promised her that after clarifying your affections for me, I’ll stay by your
side and be with you.”

She wouldn’t go back on her word.

“I’ll be your kin.”

She would be by his side for the rest of his life, day after day.

They would be even closer than blood relatives.

Julian was greatly comforted by her words. “I know.”

Seeing her behaving so well made him decide not to be calculative about how she wiped her snot on
his gown.

The two of them didn’t feel sleepy and they simply chatted on and on, about funny things that
happened between them and Madam Fulcher.

“You had no idea,” Diana said. ‘The first time I gave Grandma clothes I made myself, she was so happy
she began stuttering. When she called for me, she said D-D-Dian- Dian-Diana… I laughed in reply, and
I told her she sounded like a broken recording.”

“Grandma is soft-hearted.” Julian imagined the scene in his head as he went on, “When I was younger,
I was under a lot of stress from Grandpa’s successor training. He had high expectations of me, and
didn’t even allow the driver to fetch me to and from school. He didn’t allow me to take any form of
transport either, so I could only walk home. Grandma was the one who’d walk with me, my hand in
hers, as she told me to walk slowly. She’d put her jacket over my shoulders, worried that I’d catch a
cold. She’d end up wearing a thin shirt on a cold winter day. She ended up getting a high fever after
reaching home, and even when she was unconscious, she kept mumbling about if I was feeling cold or

Diana was so moved upon hearing Julian recount the story that Grandma’s kind, smiling face flashed in
her mind again. “What happened after that? Did Grandma recover quickly?”

“Not at all,” Julian replied, “In order to let Grandpa realize that he had been overly strict, Grandma got
sick for an entire month.”

She was sick from winter to spring, and it helped Julian escape the torturously cold winter period.

Diana immediately got it. “Grandma did it on purpose?”

“Of course,” Julian said. “Grandpa’s heart didn’t ache for me, but it certainly ached for Grandma. The
moment Grandma had high fever, not to mention sustained high fever, he couldn’t take it any longer.”

“How did Grandma manage to sustain her high fever?”

“She made me put a hot water bottle over her forehead every night.”

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