Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 623

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His parents and grandparents had all left him behind.

He would no longer see Madam Fulcher jokingly accuse him of being an unfilial brat in the Fulchers’
huge old mansion, nor would he see her help him chase after his wife. From now on, no one at home
would drug his food or scheme against him. There would also be no one standing at the gate bidding
him goodbye, or calling him again and again, asking if he would be home for dinner.

That was his grandmother.

But from now on, he would no longer have a grandmother.

Julian’s eyes turned red once more.

He felt as if someone had rubbed sand in his eyes, so much that tears kept falling from them.

Madam Fulcher’s departure would be a pain forever etched in his heart.

Diana finally pulled herself out from her pain as she realized that the man next to her needed comfort
more so than she did.

And yet, she had no idea how to give him comfort.

She felt all her energy gnawed up by the guilt multiplying endlessly in her heart.

That night, she didn’t sleep well.

She insisted on sleeping in Julian’s ward, and was naturally less comfortable than sleeping in her bed
at home.

To make things worse, she herself was injured and mentally strained. She was unable to close her
eyes to rest even until midnight.

Julian was the same as well.

He eventually patted the space next to him on the bed.” Come over here.”

Hugging each other for warmth was better than missing their loved one all by themselves.

Diana didn’t reject him.

She truly needed to be by his side right now.

When she laid down on the bed, she leaned more toward the edge of the bed.

She was almost hovering in mid-air.

Worried that Julian might find her in an uncomfortable position, she even deliberately grabbed his arm
with her hand.

That would make him feel as if she was completely lying on the bed.

“Somehow, the bed feels wider now compared to during the daytime,” Julian mumbled as he pulled
Diana closer to his side.

Diana knew he wanted her to feel more comfortable next to

him, and smiled her first smile ever after having seen Madam Fulcher pass away in front of her earlier.

Although it was a tiny smile, it didn’t fail to make her face shine. It had a tender, warm air to her.

Afraid of exacerbating Julian’s wound, she nudged over a tiny bit.

She hugged his arm even tighter.

The two of them quietly leaned into each other’s embrace as they silently comforted each other,
something that made both of them feel immensely better.

“What are we going to do about the funeral tomorrow?” Diana asked. Madam Fulcher’s passing
happened when Julian got injured, but they couldn’t simply forget about the funeral.

To her surprise, Julian gave her an immediate reply. “We won’t do it.”

“Why?” Diana didn’t understand. “Although you can’t be discharged and you certainly can’t run around,
I can do it.”

She was willing to do anything for her grandma, no matter how small or insignificant.

Julian saw her panic and immediately explained himself. “It was something Grandma instructed me a
long time ago. She said that after she passed away, she didn’t want a funeral to be held for her. She
simply wanted her ashes to be placed in Grandpa’s grave so that they could share one place as
husband and wife. That was enough for her.”

Diana didn’t fully comprehend the reasoning behind this. ” Grandma isn’t the type to do things in such a
low-profile manner.”

Conversely, she enjoyed lively events.

She always felt that Madam Fulcher would wish for a ceremony so that everyone would remember her,
and she could properly bid the world goodbye.

“She did mention this before.” Julian recalled his conversation with Grandma and explained further to
Diana, ” She said she didn’t want someone looking for her and bringing unrest to her even after she


She simply wanted to stay by his grandfather’s side.

“Someone’s looking for Grandma?” Diana asked.

Who could it be?

Someone significant enough to cause her to not even want a funeral.

Someone significant enough to cause her to want to just quietly pass away, so that she could hide from
this person.

“Yes.” No matter who was looking for Grandma, as long as she wanted her peace and didn’t want
anyone disrupting her, Julian would fulfill her wish. What’s more, she had appeared very insistent about
it. “She said that if that person managed to find her, she wouldn’t have any peace even after she died.”

In order to protect his grandmother’s peace, Julian decided

to follow her instructions and forgo the funeral. Instead, he would quietly bury Grandma together with

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