Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 622

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Cries resounded along the corridor.

Diana sobbed so badly, she almost fainted.

She was unable to accept that a living breathing person who was as kind and caring as Madam Fulcher
would leave her so suddenly!

Even at Madam Fulcher’s most painful and torturous moment, she was more concerned with helping
Diana see Julian’s heart for her.

She was more concerned with helping Diana, a fit and healthy adult, escape from the kidnappers.

She was more concerned with helping Diana get more love, and never be hurt again.

She was more concerned with ensuring that she was the only one facing the danger, at risk of all sorts
of potential accidents.

Diana had been far too negligent.

She had assumed that Madam Fulcher could do anything.

At the end of the day, Madam Fulcher was just another old woman.

An old woman with underlying physical conditions, at that. Yet Diana had believed her when she
claimed she was just acting, and that she wasn’t in pain or suffering.

Diana was such a fool!

A huge fool!

She found herself so foolish, that even beating herself up right now wasn’t enough to vent her anger at

Julian yelled at her, “Diana!”

Despite that, she refused to stop.

She continued thrashing her fists at herself until her wounds were exacerbated. Yet all her efforts were
unable to dispel the sorrow and guilt in her heart.

That was Madam Fulcher, the one who loved and doted on her the most!

Madam Fulcher had been the one who took the place of Diana’s biological parents in giving her love,
always thinking for her and doting on her.

She was the best grandmother in the whole world!

But because of a moment’s negligence, Diana allowed her to face everything alone in the final
moments of her life.

Not just that…

Even before Grandma closed her eyes forever, she was still worried about her and Julian’s relationship

Noel had mentioned that according to the doctor’s explanation, Madam Fulcher was suffering from
intracranial hemorrhage. It took great willpower on her part to hold out until she made it to the hospital.

Firstly, upon hearing that Julian got stabbed, she couldn’t stop herself from worrying about her
grandson’s condition despite her pain.

Madam Fulcher wanted to see for herself how he was doing.

Secondly, she couldn’t stop herself from worrying about Diana and Julian’s relationship.

Without settling both issues, she couldn’t rest easy.

It was only because of these two concerns weighing on her heart that she held out all the way till the

Before that, when they left the abandoned estate, she even joked with Noel and the rest.

Perhaps it was since then that she knew that she was on the verge of death.

People often could sense when their lives were coming to an end.

Madam Fulcher knew that no matter what the doctors and nurses did, there was nothing they could do
to save her.

And so, she decided to just face it with an open heart.

But before she died, she had to see the two grandchildren she cared about most.

Thankfully, she was able to do that.

Despite the gut-wrenching pain in her chest, she managed to make it to the hospital.

She managed to personally see her grandson, who got himself so grievously injured almost to the point
of death, and also her granddaughter-in-law whom she liked and cared for the minute she set her eyes
on her.

She had not been Julian’s grandmother in vain.

When she was in the thick of danger, she prioritized sending Diana out to safety in order to avoid any
uncontrollable risks that might occur.

The more Julian thought about it, the worse he felt.

He looked up, his eyes looking like there was a storm brewing in them. There was a solemn and cold
air about him.

It told of a deep pain from losing a loved one, an agony such that it almost sucked his soul out of him.

He could only cling on tightly to Diana’s hand to stop her from hurting herself. It seemed as if doing that
was the only way to make him feel a little more alive.

When Diana finally calmed down a little, Julian suddenly said, “From today onwards, I don’t have any
other kin left in this world.”

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