Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 619

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Sweat covered Noel’s brows. The president’s assistant, who had always been calm and composed,
looked to be in a deep state of panic.

Julian’s face turned hard. “Did something happen to Grandma?”

Noel immediately nodded at Julian’s question. “Sir, you… You…”

He wanted to tell Julian to quickly go and see her.

Madam Fulcher was dying!

However, the sight of the tubes and needles sticking out of Julian’s body made him swallow those
words back. He could only turn to Diana, his face fraught with panic.

Because of Mr. Carter, Diana had some hard feelings against Noel.

But at this moment, she could understand the look in his eyes immediately.

Something had happened to Grandma.

Panic filled her heart.

The image of Grandma saying that she would put on an act before Hans right before Diana left her
flashed in Diana’s mind.

At that point. Grandma’s eyes looked unfocused and her

breathing was unsteady. But when Hans left, Grandma claimed that she was putting on an act and
urged Diana to flee.

Now that Diana thought about it, was Grandma lying about putting on an act and was in fact
experiencing the symptoms of her condition?

Remorse filled her heart and when she opened her mouth to speak again, her voice was trembling.

She knew she shouldn’t call out to him, but her mind was in a mess and huge waves of regret were
drowning her.

She could only cling onto him for strength.

Upon seeing both Noel and Diana lose their senses, Julian knew something major had happened.

“Where is Grandma right now?” Things just kept happening, wave after wave!

Unease crept into his heart once again as he yelled loudly at the silent Noel, who looked like he was
put in a difficult spot. “Where is she?!”

Noel snapped back to attention at Julian’s shout. “S…Sir. Madam Fulcher was sent to the hospital, but
she’s in a terrible state, especially mentally…”

He subconsciously turned to look at Diana, “Madam, you…”

‘TH go with him,” Diana said through gritted teeth, trying her best to calm herself down.

Now wasn’t the time for self-blame.

It wasn’t the time to overthink things, either.

She should go and see Grandma for herself, together with Julian.

But it wasn’t convenient for Julian to move around right now, so she had to call for a nurse to help push
Julian over on his bed.

Julian was anxious and couldn’t wait for so many people to move him. He wished he could just hop out
of bed and walk.

Thankfully, Diana was around to stop him.

“If anything were to happen to you, that would only worsen Grandma’s condition!” She, of all people,
was anxious to see Grandma as soon as she could, and she could fully understand what Julian was
feeling right now. Her tone gentled as she persuaded, “Julian, please calm down a little.”

No matter what, the two of them were still together.

As long as they went over together, Grandma would certainly be happy to see that.

For all they knew, that might improve Grandma’s mental state.

The better the two of them looked, the happier Grandma would be.

Julian understood where Diana was coming from, and finally calmed down to wait for the medical staff
to push him out of his ward.

Noel didn’t bring them to another ward. Instead, he brought them to the hospital corridor.

Diana’s heart was leaping in her chest as an ominous feeling overwhelmed her. She gripped her hands
that were holding onto Julian tighter.

It was now Julian’s turn to comfort her. “Don’t be nervous.”

Warmth crept into Diana’s heart as she composed herself and shook her head at Julian. “I’m fine.”

Contrary to her words, her hands were trembling uncontrollably.

Julian began panicking as well. “Did something happen to the two of you at the abandoned estate?
Something that I don’t know about?”

Diana nodded and recounted everything that happened at the abandoned estate to Julian. Just then,
they saw Grandma lying on the hospital bed.

She had even more tubes and needles sticking out of her body than Julian!

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