Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 617

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Kayla was obsessed with Julian to the extent of near insanity, and he knew this well. “What if she tries
to harm you again and I’m unable to save you in time?”

Diana had considered that possibility, but after what happened this time, she managed to eliminate
James, who was Kayla’s reliable support. Thus, Kayla was left struggling to survive all by herself.

She had also become the target of public criticism in Richburgh, with everyone knowing that she was
Julian’s worst enemy.

Given all the above, probably no one would dare to be in cahoots with her, or even talk to her.

With that, Kayla had become all alone.

She was no longer capable of causing any serious trouble.

That was one reason why Diana was agreeable to a transaction with her.

The touch of the tender skin on her face calmed Julian’s heart, as if he were sitting on a soft and
comfortable patch of grass. However, he had never been one to be tempted by beauty, and his reason
was still fully intact. “Even if she doesn’t do anything more to you, did I get stabbed by her in vain?”

He knew very well that if it weren’t for Oliver’s outstanding medical ability, he wouldn’t have survived
the ordeal.

That was something Vans had repeatedly emphasized to him, just to remind him to be slightly more
courteous to Oliver.

Unfortunately, Julian was unable to do it right now.

Who knew whether that pretentious man, who always had a smile on his face, still held a torch for his
woman despite saying that he no longer fancied her?

His woman was so outstanding. Which man would truly be able to let her go?

Julian wished he could hold up a sign and announce to the whole world about how great Diana was.

He wanted to show off how good she was, yet he didn’t want other men lusting after her. In fact, he
always had the urge to dig out the eyes of those men who dared to spare more than one glance at

At the end of the day, he just wanted to show off.

Show off that Diana was his, that he had someone to love and that he was loved!

Each time that thought came to mind, flowers seemed to bloom in his heart, making him relaxed and
comfortable like never before.

Diana knew he would be angry and had a reply prepared beforehand. She had long expected these
words of his. And so, she said, “Of course not. You finally made it clear to me your heart.” She decided
to distract him away from the main

point and asked, “Wasn’t it worth it giving me the courage once again to love you?”

It was worth it.

Yet, Julian had this nagging feeling that she was trying to distract him.

He pushed her face again, preventing her from tempting him and keeping him from making the right
decision. “No way.”

He was adamant. “We can’t spare her so easily.”

Otherwise, Kayla might be up to no good again.

Diana knew that there was no point trying to persuade Julian any further. Instead, she decided to give
him a taste of his own medicine.

She suddenly stood up at the bedside and leaned into his ear.

She planted a soft, gentle kiss on the sensitive area of his earlobe, the sensation like butterfly wings
fluttering by.

Her move was too gentle, yet too impactful.

It felt as if she were treating a precious treasure.

Seeing no reaction from Julian, Diana repeated the same move and kissed him tenderly multiple times.

Finally, when she leaned in for the 20th time, she felt a force holding her head down.

She crashed into his chest.

“Woman, don’t play with fire.”

His voice was hoarse, and she could hear it rumbling in his chest. She felt a fire burning in her core,
burning up all reason she had left. “Julian.”

She looked into his eyes, and kissed him again.

But this time, she didn’t kiss his earlobe.

Instead, she aimed for that pair of thin lips of his.

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