Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 618

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Diana rarely lost her senses like this.

At that moment, she only had eyes for him and even disregarded his injuries.

Julian was glad to finally have a taste of what it was like to finally have his little rabbit trapped in his

Yet, Diana was no little rabbit. Conversely, under Julian’s influence over the past three years, she had a
penchant for playing the big bad wolf.

She knew she was being reckless, but she couldn’t hold herself and her affections back.

She could only hold herself up with her arms and try her best not to exacerbate his injuries.

She told herself to stop after getting a taste of him, and to pull out as early as she could.

But Julian wanted more.

He clearly hadn’t had enough of her. Diana had reason to believe that if he weren’t so grievously
injured, he would definitely make her plead for mercy on her knees!

“Julian.” Upon seeing him finally calm down, Diana lamented inwardly how useful her kisses were. No
wonder Julian often used his kisses against her.

She looked into his eyes and held his arm, trying to come into closer contact with him. “Will you agree
to my request or not?”

Diana was trying to lay a beauty trap for Julian to fall in.

Yet, he refused to give in despite everything that Diana was attempting. “It’s a matter of principle
whether I spare Kayla or not.”

“The moment I grabbed that blade with my bare hands, I decided to disregard even the gratitude I felt
for her saving me and was determined to eliminate this source of trouble,” Julian confessed his worries.
“Diana, if I were to spare her today, I’ll surely come to regret it in the future.”


“No buts!” Julian said firmly. He was indeed a force to be reckoned with in the business circle. He
would never allow any accidents to happen the moment he fixed his mind on a decision.

Even if the accident was Diana Winnington, the love of his life.

He would never do something against his principles.

Kayla had reached the threshold of his principles.

He could no longer tolerate that evil woman.

Diana looked clearly upset and Julian tried to rationalize things for her to make her feel better. “If… If I
didn’t wake up today, would you still want to spare her?”

Of course not!

Diana told herself that if Julian didn’t wake up, she would go with him.

Julian saw Diana stunned for a moment, unable to reply. A tinge of disappointment flashed past his

Was Diana hesitating in choosing between him and Kayla?

He finally understood the look of disappointment in Diana’s eyes when he made his choice between
Kayla and Diana in the past.

The disappointment in the eyes reflected the pain in the heart.

Right now, he could feel the terrible ache deep in his heart.

Naturally, Diana didn’t expect Julian to overthink things in the area of romance. Right now, her main
concern was on the ashes that Kayla had in her hands. “No, I won’t. But now …” She pressed her
tongue against the back of her teeth, trying to calm her frazzled nerves. “Now… I still wish to spare

Ultimately, it looked as if she was disregarding the injuries that Julian had sustained, showing no care
for the pain he had gone through.

Anger began rising in his chest.

The warmth he felt between them just now was like a dream, and he was rudely awakened to reality.

The two of them were fighting so intensely over how to deal with Kayla, so much that it felt like there
was a chasm

between them.

“Let’s drop this subject.” Julian could only incisively bring this matter to a close. “I won’t agree to
sparing her.”

Conversely, he would make Kayla pay a huge price for kidnapping and hurting the ones he loved.

He couldn’t bring himself to accept the potential consequences of the knife stabbing into Diana.

Even if it would upset Diana, how he planned to deal with Kayla was non-negotiable.

Diana panicked. After a moment’s consideration, she finally decided to tell him about the ashes.



She was about to speak, when their door was pushed open abruptly. “Sir!”

It was Noel.

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