Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 616

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He furrowed his brows, a solemn look on his face that spoke of unyielding authority. He was clearly

That was to be expected.

However, Diana softened her stance. “Julian.”

She glanced at him cautiously. “She’s my sister, after all. I…” ’

“Sister?” Julian looked up with his eyes like daggers, as if they could pierce through all things and pin
Diana to the ground.

“If you really treated her as your sister, would you have destroyed Winnington Fashions that she and
James just opened?”

Alas, he knew everything!

Diana took a deep breath. She didn’t expect him to know everything she did despite being so
grievously injured.

“I did it to vent my anger. I have a problem with the way they do things.” Diana made up an excuse on
the spot. “But we’re related by blood after all. I don’t want Kayla to die because of this.”

“You know that I won’t spare her?”

“Yeah.” Diana nodded. “If you wanted to spare her, you wouldn’t have grabbed that dagger and injured
yourself so


He was trying to use the method of self-harm to repay Kayla’s grace for saving him.

What was even sadder was the fact that Kayla wasn’t not even the one who saved him.

Once again, Kayla had claimed credit for something that Diana had done.

The thought of that made Diana sigh. “She’s still my sister, in the end.”

After all that, she still wanted Julian to spare Kayla.

Diana was no saint. Conversely, she considered herself a vengeful person. She wouldn’t provoke
others, but they took advantage of her, she wouldn’t spare them so easily!

Especially if they went to the extent of harming her as Kayla had done.

If it were in the past, she would’ve hated Kayla to the core and wanted to kill that wicked woman with
her own hands.

Julian said in surprise, “Don’t you care about what happened to our babies?”

“I do.” It was precisely because Diana cared that she wanted to spare Kayla and get the babies’ ashes,

Julian glanced at Diana, as if trying to figure her out. Diana clenched her fists tighter, worried that Julian
might realize something. “But I only just found out that you stripped her of the ability to bear children.”

In order to make herself believable, she deliberately sighed and went on, “As I was once a mother, I
know how fortunate it feels to be able to nurture a life in my body. I also know the pain of losing and
never having the chance to be a mother.”

Julian didn’t get himself pulled away by Diana’s emotions. Instead, he asked her calmly, “Who told you

He had never told Diana about making Kayla unable to bear children.

He didn’t intend to tell her about it.

He didn’t want to keep worrying about whether that would trigger painful memories of her losing her
own babies.

But now, she knew about it.

He went straight to the point and said bluntly, “Did you meet Kayla?”

Diana was shocked at his words. Her nails dug into her flesh, but her expression remained unchanged.
“No. I heard about it when I was kidnapped.”

Nobody was able to describe what exactly happened during that time.

It was therefore most appropriate to make up an excuse during that period.

As she expected, Julian didn’t push her for more details. Instead, he glanced at her swollen wounds,
and suppressed the urge to hack Kayla into pieces. His heart aching, he said softly, “It’s been tough on

Ultimately, he was unable to protect her given the kidnapping incident, and had allowed Kayla the
chance to hurt Diana.

Diana could sense the remorse in Julian’s voice. “That has nothing to do with you.”

She would rather not have him send someone to monitor her day and night for the sake of protecting

“The only person we can blame is Kayla for her corrupt intentions. Still, we should give her a chance.”
Diana crouched down so her shoulders were aligned to the bed and she could put her head on it, and
placed her cheeks in his palms. “Take it as accumulating karma for our baby.”

However, Julian didn’t see things that way. “If you spare her, she might cause further trouble down the

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