Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 615

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Once Diana said that, the look on Julian’s face instantly changed and a wide smile stretched on his

“Alright, I’ll give you time to consider.”

As long as the end result was good, it was fine.

“I can take my time? However long it takes?”

“However long it takes,” Julian said easily.

Now that he knew Oliver had decided to give up on Diana and she didn’t have feelings for him, Julian
had become even more patient.

When he thought about it a little more, however, he grew slightly dissatisfied and said, “No, I still have
to do something about Oliver. I want him to know how foolish he was for giving up on the woman I

Diana was speechless at Julian’s words.

When Oliver liked her, he was jealous.

When Oliver decided to give up on his affection for her, Julian was still unhappy, accusing that the other
lacked taste and didn’t know how to appreciate her good qualities.

In the end, it all boiled down to his resentment towards Oliver.

Diana couldn’t help but ask. “Exactly what grudge do you have against him? After all, he was the one
who saved your

life. Don’t be too unreasonable.”

“I don’t have any grudge against him,” Julian retorted. “I just never liked him since we were kids.”

To be more precise, it went back to their time in Yale Village. During the training camp, Oliver was the
only person who could match Julian in the challenges.

Even so, Oliver had no ambitions since he was a child, which infuriated Julian.

Oliver would laugh when Julian won, when they tied, and even when he lost.

He always had that stupid fake smile on his face.

Wasn’t he tired of pretending?

And later, they both developed feelings for the same woman.

As Julian thought about it, he felt something was off. “He didn’t have any connection with you before,
so how did he suddenly develop feelings for you?”

It was unlike Oliver, a cautious man, to suddenly develop feelings for a woman out of nowhere.

This came back to the fact that they had met each other in Yale Village when they were younger.

Diana almost blurted out what happened between the three of them in Yale Village when they were
kids. If she revealed that information, the possibility of Julian agreeing to spare Kayla would surely
decrease. So, she kept her mouth shut and kept the incident of saving him in the cave all those years
ago a secret.

Unfortunately, once Julian sensed something was wrong, he wouldn’t let it go until he figured it out.
However, he didn’t bring it up to Diana, silently keeping note of it in his heart.

“He’s just easy-going,” Diana defended Oliver. “Not everyone is as aloof as you are to everyone.”

“Not true,” Julian corrected with a bright smile. “I’ve never been cold to you.”

Diana seized on his words and repeated coolly, “Never?”

Upon hearing her tone, Julian immediately felt guilty and hastily backtracked. “Except…except when I
thought I liked Kayla. But other than that, haven’t I always been kind and pleasant to you?”

That was true.

He had indeed given her unprecedented love and affection in the three years of their marriage. As
Diana thought about those sweet memories, her heart gradually warmed. Taking advantage of the good
atmosphere, she impulsively brought up the matter weighing on her mind.



She was a little nervous, and blurted awkwardly, “Do you want to rest a bit more?”

His physical condition had always been good, and his regular exercise proved beneficial at a time like

“I’m really okay.”

Oliver had done an excellent job on his surgery. Apart from feeling physically exhausted, Julian felt fine.

“After Grandma arrives, neither of you are allowed to cry,” Julian instructed. “No one’s allowed to shed
tears for me.”

Diana nodded.

She understood his intentions. If she or Grandma became sad, he would be sadder than both of them.

“Julian,” Diana started, carefully choosing her words. “Could I ask you for a favor?”

“Do you even need to ask?” Julian said teasingly as he chuckled. “Whatever request you make, I won’t



“Then…could you spare Kayla ?”

As soon as Diana finished speaking, Julian’s expression twisted into something ugly.

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