Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 610

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It was a huge matter, so it naturally needed careful consideration.

Before Diana had the chance to explain, Julian started being mischievous again. Like a bird pecking at
food, he once again playfully nibbled on her earlobe.

Diana’s earlobe was sensitive, and she couldn’t help but shrink inward at each bite.

However, Julian didn’t let up his attempt.

“Diana, if you keep avoiding me like this, I’ll try my best to get closer to you. If I strain myself too much,
it’ll hurt my wound.”

Diana was startled by his words, and she froze momentarily.

She was afraid of pulling on his wound.

Julian seemed satisfied with his little victory, and chuckled silently until Diana realized he had tricked

She suddenly sat up.


Before she could finish saying his name and express her indignation at being teased like this, Diana
caught sight of Julian’s brows furrowing tightly.

“Did I sit up too quickly and jostle your wound?”

Diana was scared and turned slightly pale as she stared at his wound, examining it from every angle.

It was only after Julian assured her that everything was fine that she relaxed a little.

Whenever she asked him, he would always reply that he was fine.

Of course, she wasn’t willing to take his word at face value this time, so she called the doctor to
examine his wound.

After Oliver checked Julian over, he glanced at Diana’s red earlobe. He shoved down the implications
and embarrassment from it and said to Julian, “Resting well and recovering should be your priority right

His words obviously implied something else.

It made Diana’s face burn hotter. Julian, on the other hand, remained extremely calm.

“Thanks for your advice, Dr. Channing. I’ll take note of it and ask my wife not to be so enthusiastic.”

Julian made it sound like Diana was the one taking the initiative.

She had intended to refute his statement, but when she saw the triumphant look on his face, she
instantly understood that he was feeling jealous once again.

Strangely, she didn’t feel any anger at the realization. In fact, there was a warm fuzzy feeling in her
heart instead.

However, Diana felt sorry for Oliver at the display.

She gave him an apologetic look, but Oliver simply smiled brightly at her as if he didn’t care about
Julian’s intentional display of affection.

Diana felt relieved at that and said, “You’re truly open-minded, Dr. Channing.”

Upon hearing this, Julian was shocked. He couldn’t believe his ears.

“Diana, my wound hurts. Can you help me blow on it?”

Diana was speechless.

Could this man get any more shameless?

If he wanted something, couldn’t he have at least waited for Oliver to leave?

She could only glare at him and say, “Behave yourself!”

The tone in which she scolded him was like that of an old married couple, and it was the kind of
understanding and bond that Oliver wished could have happened between them, but never did or

Ultimately, Oliver couldn’t keep up the bright smile on his face, and it dimmed slightly.

Julian found it satisfying to watch, and a wicked smile stretched on his lips. His wounds suddenly didn’t
hurt as much anymore, and there was a hint of provocation in his eyes as he looked at Oliver.

With that, Diana immediately understood that she had fallen for this cunning man’s trick! His intention
wasn’t for her to blow on his wound in front of Oliver, but rather to deliberately show off their interaction
to Oliver!

Oliver had exerted so much effort to save him just a few hours ago, and here Julian was, eagerly
poking at Oliver’s heart.

Diana was sorely tempted to give Julian’s wound a hard smack. In the end, she couldn’t bring herself to
cause any more pain to Julian and could only look at Oliver with an embarrassed expression and say,
“Don’t stoop to his level, Dr. Channing.”

Oliver turned to Diana. Out of the blue, he asked, “Do you still really like him?”

Being asked such a question by the man who had once confessed to her made Diana feel at a loss for

She didn’t know how to answer this question in a way that would soften the blow and minimize the hurt
she would cause Oliver.

So, she remained silent for a good long while.

Julian became anxious as he waited for the woman before him to


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