Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 607

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Of course, Simon had to start with Diana, his darling brother’s beloved.

He stared at Diana’s figure with an enigmatic smile.

The hospital room was filled with people as many people came to visit Julian, and every single person
in this room was a prominent figure in Richburgh.

When Diana entered the room, she saw countless dignitaries looking up to see her.

There was scrutiny in their eyes, but no sense of malice.

Instead, there was sympathy.

The joy that washed over Diana previously now sank to the bottom once more. She didn’t care about
who was in the room, let alone bother to greet them. She pushed her way through the crowd and
headed straight for Julian.

“I see you still have a conscience,” Vans sneered as he looked up to look at her lazily.

He was obviously still holding a grudge against Diana for not waiting outside the operating theater for
Julian, and was all too happy to express it openly.

“If something had really happened to Julian today-“

“Vans!” Julian hissed, clearing his throat roughly as he interrupted his friend’s words.

Vans could only swallow back the angry accusations on the tip of his tongue, but it was still difficult to
contain his frustration at Diana. In the end, he simply turned his head and left the room.

In the past, Diana definitely would have chased after him to explain. After all, Vans had helped her a lot
and was also Nina’s boyfriend. There was no reason for her to let their friendship turn sour.

At the moment, however, she couldn’t care about anything else. She walked to Julian’s side as fast as
possible and looked silently at where his heart was.

There was a lot of gauze in the area, and there was also a heavy bag on top that looked like it was
placed there to stop the bleeding.

Diana couldn’t help but avert her eyes, afraid that Julian would see her tears.

However, Julian didn’t miss the tears in the corner of her eyes. He also noticed her trembling hands.

“Diana,” Julian said in a teasing tone. “Did you come to see me?”

This idiotic man!

Diana hadn’t even waited outside the entrance of the operating theater for him, yet he wasn’t angry at
all! He even smiled as he said those words in a playful tone.

“Are you satisfied with me just coming to see you?” Diana said through her tears, his satisfied
expression causing her to break into laughter despite her depressed mood.

However, it didn’t stop her heart from turning bitter.

Julian had done so much for her and had been so considerate of her, yet she…

In the moment he had just walked out from the jaws of death, Diana was going to ask him to forgive the
person who stabbed him…

“Of course not,” Julian said, abruptly pulling her down. She was forced to lie on his chest.

If she hadn’t reacted in time, she would have collided with the wound in his heart!

Diana was frightened by his sudden action and couldn’t help but glower at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Nothing,” Julian said with a bright smile, still holding her with one arm, looking so delighted as if he
had obtained a star from the sky. “But I’ll be doing many things to you once I get better.”

He said the most rascally words in the tone one would use to coax a child.

“You can count on it, so just be patient, alright?”

Diana was speechless, and her face turned red instantly.

She cautiously looked behind. Fortunately, all the people who had previously been in the room had left
at some point. Only the two of them remained, so Julian’s choice of words wasn’t as embarrassing.

“What do you think?” Julian gently whispered in her ear with his deep, magnetic voice as he patted her
back. “Do you feel happy and shy? Are you already fantasizing about our happy life after my recovery?”

The more he spoke, the more outrageous he became.

Diana was infuriated and hit him softly. She heard him hiss in response in the next second, like he had
drawn a sharp breath inwards.

That soft blow had hurt him!

He was clearly in pain, yet he insisted on holding her and teasing her so!

She quickly moved away from him, at a loss for what to do. She wanted to check on his wounds, but
she didn’t know where to start.

She was on the verge of crying out in frustration. Yet Julian, who was as pale as paper, simply
continued to smile at her.

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