Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 608

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“Have you lost your mind?” Diana cried. She was so infuriated by his behavior that she wanted to
scream. “You asked me to scream if it hurts, cry if it’s painful, and laugh if I’m happy, but why can’t you
be more genuine before me?”

“I am,” Julian said, his forehead covered in sweat.

Every time he spoke to her, it seemed to require a tremendous amount of effort.

Despite that, he wanted to talk to her.

Even without saying a word between them, they knew that this time, this was the real reconciliation.

No… Rather than saying it was a reconciliation, this was the first time their hearts were truly connected.

This was something that never happened in their three years of marriage.

So, how could Julian not be delighted?

He felt wonderful, and the greatest woman in the world was now back in his life.

If he wasn’t happy, who would be?

With that thought in mind, the wounds on his body no longer hurt. He just wanted to look at her more
and talk to her more.

“If it hurts so much, why do you have to pretend it doesn’t in front of me? Is that what you call

“Wouldn’t you cry if I did that?”

Julian was intentionally trying to make her laugh to divert her attention away from feeling sorry for him.

Warmth and bitterness surged in Diana’s heart. Warmth because this man had given her so much love;
all the pain she had endured during this time was alleviated by the warmth, akin to rushing water in the
fields that nourished her whole being.

But the bitterness came from the fact that what she could do now for him was far less than what he had
done for her.

Thinking about the deal she had made with Kayla just before, another wave of bitterness sat on her

Meanwhile, Julian kept smiling; it was a sharp contrast with his pale complexion, and it left a lasting
impression in Diana’s heart.

She would cherish this image for a long time to come in her life, and she would frequently look back on
it as evidence of her once being deeply happy and loved by a man.


Facing Julian who was still severely injured and had just finished fighting for his life in the operating
theater, Diana couldn’t bring herself to beg him to spare Kayla. She tried an indirect approach instead.


Even though he was injured, Julian’s voice still carried the tinge of alluring seductiveness in it. It
lingered in her ear like a flute softly playing as he replied, “Hmm?”

“Do you think the babies or me are more important?”

Julian’s expression suddenly changed, and he thought Diana was still blaming him for her miscarriage.

“I’m just as saddened by the babies’ situation as you are-“

“I know,” Diana interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

This wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

If the babies weren’t important to him, he wouldn’t have been so cruel toward Kayla.

Diana knew it. She knew everything now.

She anxiously hid her trembling hands behind her back and continued, “I just wanted to ask…”

“You. You’re more important,” Julian said, and his answer was somewhat unexpected for Diana.

She had expected him to say both were important. Upon further reflection, she felt a tinge of

“It’s not that I don’t care about the babies. On the contrary, I’d like to think I value them just as much as
you do.”

Despite his past mistakes, back then…

He had been driven mad by Diana’s misleading statements. He had genuinely believed that she had
been pregnant with Oliver’s child.

Sending her into the operating theater was one of the biggest regrets he had up to this day.

“But they’re gone now.”

It was the first time they had officially discussed this topic since their babies had departed from this

“Although it may sound heartless to say this, I can’t place my concern for them above you because
you’re still alive. You deserve my full attention and love as you’re still living and breathing.”

Julian assumed that Diana had been overwhelmed by the recent events, which led to her scattered
thoughts right now. He reached out and held her hand.

“We’ll definitely have chances to have babies again in the future. Perhaps Aster and Star might even
find their way back to us.”

Diana nodded. “Yeah. I hope they do…”

Julian was slightly stunned at her response.

Did she mean…that she was willing to have another baby with him?!

His excitement almost hit the roof, and he nearly jumped off the hospital bed in delight.

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