Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 606

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When Diana returned to the hospital, the lights in the operating theater had already dimmed.

She went to look inside, but no one was there.

With nothing else to do, Diana could only head to the reception to ask for Julian’s room number.
Luckily, Oliver happened to pass by and spotted her.

“Diana?” Oliver asked in confusion. “Why aren’t you in the ward?”

Oliver thought she would be by Julian’s side every step of the way.

After he finished speaking, his gaze fell on her hand.

“Where’s the bandage on your wrist? And what happened to your palm?”

It was so swollen that her hand looked like a pig’s hoof, and it was impossible to see her once delicate
wrist. It looked particularly wretched.

“What did you do?” Oliver asked with a deep frown.


Diana didn’t plan on telling anyone about her meeting with Kayla.

“I just went out for a while.”

Seeing that she didn’t want to talk about it, Oliver pressed down the depression in his heart and instead
said, “I’ll have someone rewrap your hand for you.”

“Thankyou,” Diana replied politely, but her mind had lost all reason.

Her lips even curled into a happy smile as she asked, “If Julian is back in the ward, does that mean
he’s awake?”

Oliver caught sight of her delighted expression and quietly hid his disappointment away. He hid his
trembling hands behind his back, exhausted from performing a difficult surgery on Julian.

Diana didn’t care about him.

That umbrella…

Was just an umbrella, after all.

There weren’t any hidden meanings behind it.

Oliver thought of the umbrella and that rainy day. Even though she hadn’t left with Julian back then, the
distraught look of hers after that happened kept replaying in Oliver’s mind.

He smiled and pointed in a direction, saying, “He’s in that room around the comer. Go and see him.”

If he wasn’t the one Diana loved, he would willingly step aside.

If he were honest with himself, he didn’t think he could possibly do what Julian had done for Diana

Kneeling down as Julian had done…

To a man like Julian, that action had carried too much weight for a person of his status.

Despite that, he had remained calm and composed.

It was as if the wound in his heart, though severe, carried a stubborn and powerful vitality that could
drive away anything that was at odds with him.

Including Oliver’s feelings for Diana, as well as the heavens who wanted to take his life.



Despite having his heart pierced, despite losing so much blood that almost every drop of it was
replaced during the surgery, the man had pulled through and lived.

This operation would also become a milestone in Oliver’s career.

Oliver watched as Diana disappeared like the wind down the corridor, and shook his head with a smile
as he lowered his hand.

Since she had someone worthy of her, and since she had love waiting for her, he decided he would not
disturb her anymore from now on.

This was his final act of tenderness.


His heart still felt empty.

It felt as if, in this autumn, he had come across roses scattered by the rain that had been trampled
upon and covered in mud.

His heart ached, but the smile on his face never wavered.

To Simon, the look on Oliver’s face appeared extremely hypocritical.

But it didn’t matter. It was better that Oliver’s focus was in the hospital. He still needed the Channing
family’s assistance to reach his goal, which was to eventually replace Julian in the economic throne of

Simon wanted his half-brother to acknowledge his existence, the so-called illegitimate child.

Furthermore, he wanted the Fulcher family to pay the price for all the years they had disappointed him!

And all of this was built upon the foundation of the Channing family, who had raised him for so many


Where should he start with his first move?

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