Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 605

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Diana looked at Kayla, a trace of pity flashing in her eyes.

“Kayla, do you even know what love is?”

“Don’t talk to me about abstract things like that!” Kayla screamed, infuriated. “Julian used to be so good
to me. Everyone said he loved me! Even I thought he loved me! I thought being treated well and him
willing to marry me meant he loved me. But in reality, it was nothing! He never loved me! He took away
my fertility because of those two b*stards, and just because I drugged you a little!”

Kayla laughed miserably, and she looked up at Diana with anger burning in her eyes. “You must be
happy to know I can’t ever conceive, huh?!”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat at Kayla’s unexpected admission.

“Are you saying…that Julian took away your fertility?”


Kayla’s voice trembled as she recalled the terrible incident. A wave of grief and anger washed over her.

“The dosage I gave you wasn’t even that high, but he had someone force the remainder of the drug
down my throat all at once!”

And then…

Kayla had bled a lot.

The very next day, the doctors removed the organ that enabled her to conceive without even notifying

They claimed it was to save her life.

Save her?!

What bullsh*t was that?

She would never be able to conceive again!

Though Richburgh was large, there wouldn’t be a single prestigious family that would want a woman
who couldn’t bear children!

So, Kayla could only cling tighter to Julian.

She desperately wanted to become Mrs. Fulcher.

There was too much information in this conversation with Kayla, and Diana seemed to sink further into
a daze, unable to recover.

She looked at Kayla, murmuring under her breath. “T-This can’t be possible…”

In Julian’s heart, Kayla was still his savior. He valued loyalty and gratitude. He had known Kayla for so
many years, yet he would go to such lengths for the sake of their babies…

Diana had misunderstood him once again!

She had assumed he hadn’t done anything after the incident.

“What a joke…”

Only today, while his life hung in the balance, did those past misunderstandings reveal themselves to
her in a way she had never known or expected. The revelations shook her to her core.

The more Diana discovered, the more she realized how much she had missed out.

But now…

She looked up at Kayla and ignored the knife that had pierced Julian. Shoving down the pain in her
heart, she asked, “If I agree to your request, will you return the ashes to me?”

“I will,” Kayla replied immediately with conviction. “Keeping

them serves no purpose. Besides, they’re bad luck.”

Diana raised her hand and slapped Kayla across the face once more for that comment.

Though she couldn’t kill Kayla with her own hands and even had to plead for mercy from her lover for
this deranged woman’s life, Diana refused to let Kayla off so easily.

With that thought in mind, novelxo Diana delivered several more slaps to Kayla’s already swollen, red

After she was done, she glared at Kayla and said, “If Julian wakes up, I’ll do as you say, but you better
keep your word!”

Diana refused to leave the ashes of her babies in the hands of this evil woman.

“But if Julian doesn’t wake up…”

If Julian didn’t wake up, Diana would have no more attachments left in this world.

In that case, the ashes could stay where they were…

Because Diana would head into the afterlife with Julian to accompany their babies!

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