Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 602

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Thunder roared in Diana’s ears, jolting her back to her senses instantly.


The ashes of her babies?

Hadn’t Kayla already washed them down in the rainwater, making them flow into unknown and filthy

“Don’t try to lie to me.”

Kayla had always been ruthless in her actions. Now that she realized the mess she was in and wanted
to save herself, it wasn’t surprising for her to make up lies on the spot.

Diana would never fall for it again.

“I’m not lying,” Kayla retorted. “If I hadn’t kept a backup plan for myself, do you think I would’ve dared
hurt you and that old hag? You probably haven’t realized just how deep Julian’s feelings are for you.”

While Kayla spoke, there was a self-mocking look on her face.

Diana instantly understood.

The situation was in truth confusing for those directly involved in it, but clear to onlookers.

Kayla had always claimed that Diana was a substitute; perhaps it was merely one of her many hateful
tactics to drive a wedge between Diana and Julian and ultimately marry Julian herself.

Ironically, Diana ended up becoming the real one between them.

“Last time,” Diana started, her grip on the knife tightening.

Pausing for a moment, she continued with much difficulty, “He said you were his fiancee.”

“That was a lie.”

At this point, Kayla was more concerned about preserving her own life than keeping up any pretense.
There was no need to anymore, after all.

“He said it was because you wanted him to be together with me, so he’d listen to your words and say
what you wanted to hear in front of you.”

For Julian to actually be with Kayla and take her as his fiancee was something he couldn’t bring himself
to do.

That had indeed been what Diana had said.

On that rainy day, Diana was so fed up with being so involved with Julian and had spat out those words
in a fit of anguish. She hadn’t expected him to take it to heart and deliberately put on an act before her
just to please her, silly as it was.

“Since then, I knew that his feelings for you ran really deep.”

Even after so many years of being together with Julian, Kayla had never experienced such care and
concern from him. His attentiveness and consideration toward her had always been limited.

It was intimate, but there was also courtesy underlying his actions.

Kayla had tried many times to seduce him, but she never once succeeded.

She absolutely hated how polite he was!

When she thought about this, resentment flashed in her eyes.

“Before taking action this time, I thought about how if I failed…

After all, the person she was going up against was Julian, the most prestigious and powerful man in

“That I’d have to rely on you to escape the blame.”

Diana scoffed and glared daggers at Kayla.

“I suppose you also realized the Winnington family is in trouble.”

Diana observed Kayla closely; seeing a look of realization suddenly dawning on the latter’s face, she
knew she had hit the nail on the mark.

“The Winnington family will no longer be your sanctuary.”

Eighteen years ago, Kayla had taken away Diana’s parents, and Diana now despised them beyond
anything. Her hate notwithstanding, she even personally sent them to hell!

“James is in a precarious situation right now. It’s even possible that the family head will expel him from
the clan.”

James had always boasted about his abilities, but in reality, he had always been relying on the Fulcher

Now that Kayla had committed such a terrible crime, Julian would definitely sever all ties with them.

Even worse, the entire Winnington family would be implicated!

Disbelief flashed in Kayla’s eyes, but if Diana could escape her flawless kidnapping plan and arrive at
the hotel, what else wouldn’t she believe?

Now, she could only think about the exhibition.

“You’re something else, Diana,” she hissed.

Kayla had schemed so much to kidnap Diana, but she wouldn’t be easily outdone!

“You started plotting against me when you went to Winnington Inc.!”

The promotional page for the exhibition Diana had shown James wasn’t Diana’s true intentions. Her
real purpose was to look into the development of their fashion line.

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