Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 601

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Diana held the knife handle tightly through her clothes and said, ” If Julian wakes up, I’ll leave him in
your care.”

“Bah!” Vans was furious. “What do you mean, if?!”

Julian would definitely wake up!

He had to!

Yet, no one dared to give such confirmation with certainty.

Not even Vans, a professional doctor, and certainly not Diana.

In the face of life and death of a loved one, all they could do was pray.

“You asked me to take care of him. What-“

Before Vans could finish his sentence, he looked up to see that Diana was already gone.

“Damn it!”

Vans walked around and looked for her, but there was no trace of her. He was also afraid that
something would go wrong in the operating room, so he didn’t go any further to look for her.

However, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of disappointment towards Diana.

Julian had done so much for her, yet she still refused to reconcile with him and accept his love…

She couldn’t even wait for him outside the operating theater.

Vans looked at the cold light shining on the hospital’s gray floors, lost in thought.

Meanwhile, Diana hadn’t actually gone far.

She had left the hallways of the operating theater because it felt too oppressive.

The red light indicating ongoing surgery in the operating theater kept flashing, and doctors were
constantly rushing in and out.

Each time they entered or exited, she could see an increased amount of bloodstain on them.

Presumably, it was all Julian’s blood…

How severe were his injuries?

Diana didn’t dare think about it.

The air was so stifling that she couldn’t breathe properly, and she didn’t dare ponder about the outcome
of the surgery.

Fortunately, Vans was there and constantly scolding her, which gave her a sense of reality.

As of this moment, she had to return to the hotel to see Kayla.

As Julian hadn’t said anything about her and he wasn’t conscious right now, no one dared make any
rash moves.

Kayla was being held by the security guards at the hotel, and she was locked up in the storeroom
where Diana had previously been held.

The security guards quickly recognized Diana and knew she was the woman whom Julian willingly
knelt for and was willing to give up everything, even his life, to protect her.

No one stopped her, and no one dared to disrespect or disobey her. When she asked about Kayla’s
whereabouts, they quickly pointed her in the right direction.


One security guard glanced at her, wanting to point out to her that the bandage on her wrist had come
loose. Ultimately, he didn’t dare say a word when he saw the expression on her face.

It was terrifying.

In fact, it was even more frightening than Julian’s gaze.

There was a fearless determination in her eyes, and a somewhat hollow resolve.

Diana was going to see Kayla.

For the sake of Julian and her babies, she would make Kayla pay for all the suffering they were forced
to endure!

It had only been an hour since Diana had seen Kayla, but she had transformed from a beautiful bride
into a disheveled woman covered in blood and thrown into a corner of the room.

It seemed Kayla knew Diana would come, as she straightened up the moment she saw the latter.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

However, Diana ignored Kayla’s words. Instead, she pulled the knife out and lunged straight at the
hateful woman.

Diana had thought this through.

Even if Julian miraculously survived, she would never spare Kayla.

She was determined to give Kayla a taste of what it felt like to have a knife plunged right into her

She wanted to make Kayla experience the pain that Julian had suffered!

However, Kayla remained eerily calm in the face of Diana’s madness.

Ever since Diana entered the room, a faint smile hung on Kayla’s lips. Just as Diana moved, Kayla
opened her mouth and said slowly, “Ashes.”

Diana stopped abruptly in her tracks when she heard that; her eyes were wide, and she looked as if
someone had stuck needles in her and paralyzed her.

Kayla continued staring at Diana and sneered, “Don’t you want the ashes of your two b*stards?”

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