Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 603

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“You’re wrong,” Diana replied calmly.

Her pale, tense face finally showed a hint of a smile.

“I started way before that.”

In this world, there was never a reason for someone to receive constant harassment.

However, Diana chose to take a detour.

She had thought that Julian’s beloved was Kayla. Thus, she tried to find ways to strike at Kayla

But in actual fact…

If Diana had been willing to communicate with Julian openly and trusted him a little more, perhaps she
wouldn’t have had to take all these detours as she had done. All she would have needed to do was
give the word, and Julian would have moved even mountains for her.

He had proved it, after all. He was willing to throw even his life away for her.

Thinking of the man currently fighting for his life in the operating room, Diana’s eyes flooded with tears

Uneasiness and fury surged through her, and she snarled, ” Whether it’s my babies or Julian, your
mistake lies in hurting the people I care about!”

If it wasn’t for that, Diana would have kept her distance from Kayla. Even if Kayla kept the title of being
the Winnington family’s

lady, Diana could still ignore that. She wouldn’t have touched James or Kate, either.

But now…

Kayla was also crying, but she was crying for her own plight.

When she couldn’t contact Lucy or James before the wedding started, she should’ve noticed that
something was wrong.

For James not to place any importance on something he had been eagerly waiting for was a big clue
that something major must have befallen him.

Little did Kayla know, Diana was the one who had set it all up. She had deliberately lured them into
attending the exhibition, then made sure the factory equipment and the workers in Winnington
Fashions weren’t ready for the increased workload caused by the sudden surge in orders, ultimately
leading to the collapse in their reputation and quality.

The Winnington would definitely hold them accountable for this mess!

James wouldn’t be able to escape the blame.

If Kayla wasn’t trapped here, she was sure the family head would have also summoned her and even
disciplined her…

Kayla was furious that Diana had severed her most important support. “James is also your father!
You’re so heartless! Aren’t you afraid of karma?”

“Karma?” Diana repeated, and she couldn’t help herself from laughing at Kayla’s ridiculous words.
“You’ve done so many things to me without facing any consequences, so why should I be afraid?”

Since karma wouldn’t come for her, Diana would take matters into her own hands.

“But you provoked me first!” Kayla shrieked.

As soon as she said that, a crisp slap echoed in the room.

Diana had slapped her across the face, hard.

Kayla was left in a daze; she desperately wished she could charge at Diana now and fight the latter to
the death. However, she was tied up rightly and unable to move an inch. She could do nothing else but
endure Diana’s harsh treatment.

“I’ve never been one to play nice,” Diana remarked as she set the knife aside and casually tossed away
the loosened bandage from her wrist. She took aim at Kayla and said, “Now that the tables have
turned, I’m going to vent my anger properly.”

Diana had gone through a rough ride for the past few days.

And to top it off, Kayla had hurt everyone Diana ever held dear.

Every single one of them!

Her babies, Julian, Madam Fulcher, and even herself!

The only sound in the room was that of Diana slapping Kayla repeatedly, the latter’s head snapping
from side to side with every blow.

It continued until Kayla’s veil fell to the ground, and her previously disfigured wounds started to
deteriorate again. The cuts turned red and eventually bled, the wound widening to resemble a gaping

Every time Diana struck Kayla, she would use all the strength in her body. If this went on, the force of
these blows alone could bring Kayla to the brink of death, even without using the knife Diana had


Kayla seemed to finally realize her approaching mortal peril, and started to panic.

“D-Diana… No, my dear sister! Please!”

Now that Kayla had no one she could rely on in the Winnington family, she could only hold onto Diana
tightly if she wanted a chance for survival!

She even thought of kneeling before Diana, but the ropes bound her too tightly and she couldn’t move
a muscle.

So, she could only find another way to halt Diana in her tracks.

“Yale Village!” she suddenly shouted. “Y-Yale Village!”

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