Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 597

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At this time…

Kayla was distracted by his yelling, and her vision started drifting off.

She looked down, and saw Julian grabbing the dagger with his bare hands. Blood dripped down from
his palms, no less than the blood he lost from blocking Diana from Kayla’s first attack.

Stark red blood flowed and trickled down.

“Julian Fulcher!” Kayla yelled at the top of her voice, as if not knowing the best way to vent her
frustrations. The only thing she could do was to hold on tight to the dagger and thrust it forward.

Especially toward Diana.

Julian’s obsession was all because of Diana!

No matter what, Kayla knew she had to pierce this dagger through that b* tch!

Yet, Julian held on so tightly to the blade, letting blood flow, and refusing to let go.

“If you let go right now, I can spare your life,” Julian said as he continued gripping onto the dagger, as if
he couldn’t feel pain.

The tighter he gripped the dagger, the crazier Kayla became.

“Spare my life?” Kayla sneered. “How are you going to spare me?! I saved your life! You must bear this
gratitude in mind your entire life! You can’t do anything to me!”

“Is that so?” Julian looked as if he had heard the greatest joke in the world. “Do you know that I hate it
the most when someone threatens me?” Yet, he allowed himself to be threatened by her again and

Ultimately, the reason was precisely that gratitude Kayla spoke of.

That damned gratitude because she saved his life!

But now, the gratitude he felt for her in the past had transformed into resentment.

The thought of all the pain and suffering Diana was forced to go through, coupled with the injuries she
sustained today, flashed past Julian’s mind. The one he took care of meticulously for three years…

And yet, now, her body had become completely mangled!

It was covered in so many wounds…

She was probably in excruciating pain.

There was also Madam Fulcher, who was dragged all the way to the abandoned estate to suffer when
she was already so advanced in age. He was unfilial indeed!

And even more so… His babies, who died an innocent death.

Last time, he should’ve made Kayla pay with her life the last time. Yet because of his gratitude for her
saving his life, the most he could do…was strip her of her ability to bear children.

But now, he had had enough!

Julian gripped the dagger with increasing viciousness, and could almost hear the sound of the blade
digging deeper into his flesh.

Anger boiled in his chest as more blood flowed from his palm.

His face paled from blood loss, but he continued holding the dagger, pulling it in the direction that Kayla
was aiming at.

He glared at Kayla and snarled harshly, “Stab me with this dagger! Since I owe my life to you, let’s
settle the debt once and for all today!”

Kayla’s white gown was stained with bright red blood. As she looked down at her white dress that had
turned red, her legs began trembling.

Julian chuckled, as if looking down on a jestering clown. “Go on, Kayla Winnington! Stab me!”

As long as he returned the debt with his life, he no longer had anything to fear.

He no longer needed to show her mercy anymore!

He wanted her to pay the price for good!

Diana was shocked silly by the scene unfolding before her. Julian must be out of his mind!

He was an elite in the business world who would never cut a disadvantageous deal. Yet today, not only
did he kneel before everyone in public, he even blocked an attack on her and was grabbing Kayla’s
dagger and piercing it in his own body!

“Julian…” Kayla finally surrendered. “I don’t want to kill you. I don’t want to take your life at all!”

She wanted to marry him!

Why would she want to take his life?

She simply couldn’t stand Diana Winnington. She wanted Diana dead!

“Diana gave me hell! I want her dead!”

But no matter how much she screamed and yelled, Julian remained standing in front of Diana like a
statue, not moving even an inch. No matter how hard Kayla tried to find an angle, she was unable to
get close to Diana.

Julian used his own body as an impenetrable world to protect Diana from all harm.

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