Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 599

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No one was a b*tch.

There were only ordinary people trapped in their own obsession.

That included Kayla Winnington.

It was time to settle this debt once and for all.

The innate chivalry in him made him hold back, but the domineering aura in his eyes made one tremble
in fear.

Kayla was frightened by the look in his eyes, and her lips trembled as her eyes widened. She felt
indignant and was unwilling to concede defeat, but most of all, she was fearful. “Ju…Julian…”

Before she could say what was on her mind, Julian’s towering figure tipped to the left…

Even at the last minute before he collapsed, he was concerned about letting Diana see the state of his

He didn’t want her crying for him again.

D*mn it, why did his body feel so heavy…

He lost all control over his body as it tilted sideways and collapsed on the floor.

Please, don’t let him fall on Diana. He had to tilt a little more to the left and collapse as gently as he
could. He had to…

…open his eyes.

Try as he might, he couldn’t do it.

The sounds around him turned into white noise. Many people were screaming, calling for the doctor.
Some even pounced on Kayla to subdue her.

The bloody dagger was kicked back and forth on the floor, long forgotten.

Diana finally saw it.

The wound on Julian’s chest was so deep and wide…

Sorrow and fear grew in her throat, silencing her such that she was unable to speak or breathe.

Someone finally pushed her; she turned around to see that it was Oliver in a pristine white robe.

“Quick!” He had never spoken to her in such a panicked voice. There was even a hint of reproach in it.

Diana’s heart tightened.

She no longer dared to look at the man who was towering before her like a tree just a minute ago. He
had now collapsed on the floor, his face pale as a ghost.

There was so much blood…

His wound was so deep…

If he hadn’t blocked the attack or put her behind him, the dagger might not have gone so deep.

If he had shouted in pain and asked to go to the hospital, his injury might not have become so severe…

Yet each time, he was only concerned about her feelings.

Even when he was wounded, he kept reassuring her by repeating, “Diana, don’t be afraid.”

He didn’t want Diana to be afraid.

He didn’t want Diana to be fearful because of the state of his injuries.

All the more he didn’t want Diana to be subject to Kayla’s rudeness and manic attacks again and again,
just because of the so-called gratitude he felt toward Kayla for saving him in the past.

And so, Julian was willing to risk it with his life.

Now, Diana understood his heart.

She also knew how deeply he loved her.

She looked at his thin lips; out of the blue, she chuckled.

As it turned out, men with thin lips weren’t heartless. Conversely, they might be as affectionate and
loyal as Julian was.

Given his status and power, it was easy for him to simply disregard the fact that Kayla saved his life.
Yet, he never did so.

Instead, he chose the most dangerous and difficult path to walk on.

At the same time, he also wanted to protect Diana on this path he chose.

Diana was wrong. She shouldn’t have thrown away the photograph Oliver gave her, and she shouldn’t
have assumed that Julian would think of her as threatening him with gratitude. After he woke up, she
must tell him that she had once saved him.

She wanted to tell him that their paths crossed a long time ago.

“Diana, don’t just stand there! Quick, follow him to the hospital!”

Oliver’s voice rang in her ears once more. The reproach in his panicked voice broke her train of

She snapped back to reality, and hurriedly followed behind him. She looked down, and spotted the
bloody dagger kicked around on the floor.

At that moment, she glared coldly at Kayla, who was being subdued by others. She bent down swiftly
to pick up the dagger, wiping away the blood on its still warm blade with trembling fingers before
tucking it under her shirt.

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