Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 598

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Julian, on the other hand, was turning paler and paler by the minute.

He had already blocked Diana from an attack with his chest, which might have affected his heart. They
needed a professional doctor to treat him.

Diana stood behind him, panicking as she saw the blood on his shirt spread fast. The moment she saw
his arms relax slightly, she immediately took the chance to squeeze past his arms and take a look at
his wound.

Yet, Julian moved even faster than her.

He hauled her back into his arms. “Stay still.”

He refused to let her leave the safety of his back.

He was on guard against Kayla attacking Diana once more.

Thankfully, the surrounding guests had snapped back to attention amidst the flabbergasting scene
unfolding before them. “Quick! Call for a doctor! A doctor!”

The security guards and bodyguards who had been trying to capture Diana changed their target, and
started drawing closer to Kayla instead.

They were waiting for a chance to nab her at one go, without letting Julian get hurt by her dagger.

But now, Kayla’s dagger was in Julian’s hand. And so, no one dared to make a move.

Therefore, Kayla, Julian, and Diana were stuck in a strange gridlock.

That was, until Julian’s body began wavering.

Yet, he insisted on keeping his arms around the woman behind him.

It was as if Kayla was a monstrous beast keeping the two of them from safety.

Hopelessness grew stronger in Kayla’s eyes.

Meanwhile, Diana was on the verge of fainting from panic.

“Julian!” she kept yelling from behind him. “Let me see your wound! Let me take a look!”

Kayla’s previous attack was relatively forceful.

If it weren’t for Julian’s quick reaction, Diana might have died.

He was bleeding so much, after all…

Diana had the feeling that Julian’s injury was far worse than she imagined.

Julian pretending not to hear her shouts as he repeated tenderly, “Don’t fear, Diana. Don’t be afraid.”

He was still gripping onto the dagger with his bare hands.

Finally, Kayla was the first to let go. “I won’t kill her.”

She released the dagger with trembling hands, and said hoarsely, “I won’t kill her…”

Others might not be able to tell, but Kayla could sense it clearly.

Julian’s strength was ebbing away.

His hand that was grabbing the dagger was trembling.

Yet he remained standing before Diana, refusing to move an inch.

Kayla’s eyes widened as she looked at Julian’s chest.

She had…

She had pierced him in his heart!

Despite that, Julian managed to stand for so long without even wincing in pain.

No wonder no one dared to make a move on her. They were afraid she might attack him a second time
and exacerbate the wound on his chest!

No wonder Julian didn’t try to subdue her. No wonder he kept holding onto the dagger. He wanted to
clear the debt that he owed her-he was truly ready to die!

He was willing to lose his life in order to protect the woman standing behind him and not let her suffer
any more.

Kayla laughed, the sound devoid of sanity. “Diana Winnington! You b*tch!”

She started yelling again, as if trying to vent the anger and frustrations filling her heart. ‘You b*tch! You

If Julian really were to die today, everything would be over!

What would be the point of planning all these for so long?

It was all Diana’s fault!

It was her fault!!!

Just then, Julian, who was looking so weak and sweating all over as if he had been hauled out from a
boiling swamp and thrown into an icy pool, suddenly released the dagger and grabbed Kayla’s chin
roughly with his wounded hands.

Blood trickled down Kayla’s chin onto her gown, leaving streaks of dark red.

“Kayla Winnington,” he snarled through gritted teeth, as if wishing he could tear her to pieces. “Who are
you calling a b*tch?”

What right did she have to call Diana a b*tch?!

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