Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 596

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That was what she thought, but tears overflowed and drenched her entire face.

“Julian. Julian.”

Diana said she wouldn’t be scared.

And yet, why did she feel her soul sucked out of her body as fear coursed through her veins? Every
single part of her body was trembling.

“Julian! Julian!” she yelled again and again, worried he wouldn’t respond to her.

Her voice was trembling as well, and pain pierced through Julian’s flesh. She grabbed hold of him tight
as her entire body shook, trying to turn his body over so she could have a look.

“Let me see. Jet me see…” Waves of fear flooded Diana, making her almost unable to speak. She
could only grab his arm, trying to walk past him.

However, Julian persisted in blocking her way like a giant tree towering over a flower.

He didn’t want her exposed to the winds and rain.

The only thing she could sense was the ear-piercing screams in the venue, and her hands that he held
firm behind her back.

He was protecting her.

The dagger Kayla held while charging toward Diana…

Had pierced right through Julian’s body.

Not only did the blood splatter right before Diana’s eyes, but it also shocked Kayla who was holding
onto the dagger. Julian had acted completely out of instinct!

In other words, he rushed forward without a second thought the moment he saw the dagger aimed
toward Diana.

Kayla looked at Julian in disbelief, her eyes filled with jealousy. “Are you willing to lose your life for
Diana’s sake?!”

Julian, however, didn’t answer her.

He simply turned around and smiled tenderly at Diana.

He didn’t want her to feel guilty.

“Don’t cry,” he said as he caressed her face, wiping away the bloodstains on her eyelids. His heart
broke as he looked at her. “Does it hurt?”

Diana’s heart trembled.

At a time like this, he was still worried about whether him rubbing across her wounds would hurt her?!

What exactly was the reason that she would doubt his affections for her again and again?

The love and care he showed her over those three years weren’t fake, and his repeated confessions of
love weren’t lies. Every expression of his care and concern came from the bottom of his heart.

She was the one who was too stubborn and obsessed with her own way of thinking, which resulted in
them wasting so much precious time.

Diana felt so much remorse, she could almost die.

Julian was afraid she would feel that way, and started to panic. “Diana, don’t cry. The more you cry, the
worse it’ll be for your wounds.”

He was the one at fault.

He wasn’t able to find her for two whole days.

He was even forced to walk down the aisle with another woman. Although they didn’t go through with
the ceremony, he still felt very guilty toward Diana.

Diana had no words to describe what she was feeling right now. There seemed to be a hook trying to
empty out all her insides, leaving her with only excruciating pain.

Her wounds didn’t hurt, but her heart was hurting for the man before her.


“Julian?!” Kayla screeched wildly at the sign of Diana’s voice. She sounded completely out of her mind.
“What right do you have to call him Julian? I came before you did! He loved me first! I’m the woman he

She repeated this over and over again, waving the dagger in her hands as she pounced at Diana once
more. “You b*tch! You’re just a replacement! A mere replacement! What right does a replacement have
to call him by his name? What right does a b*tch like you have to be loved by him?”



Kayla’s words hurt Julian badly. The former was in fact a result of his own fault for not recognizing his
own feelings.

The latter was something he detested of Kayla-that she had turned into someone reeking of lies and
swearwords. He hated how she used such a filthy word to call Diana all the more!

He turned to Kayla with a piercing glare, and reached out to grab the dagger she was aiming in his

“Kayla Winnington!” he snarled. He had made his feelings clear to her multiple times.

Yet, she insisted on describing Diana as a replacement.

She was clearly doing it on purpose!

She was deliberately trying to provoke Diana and give the latter discomfort.

Forget provoking Diana, Kayla even wanted to kill her!

She used the dagger viciously, accurately and swiftly, especially at the first swing, which Julian
thankfully managed to block. Had the dagger successfully pierced through Diana’s body, the
consequences would’ve been dire

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