Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 594

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He was even trying to clear Diana’s name.

As it turned out, he had always known what she cared about, even though he never made it clear.

Still, this wasn’t the best place for a confession.

Julian didn’t intend to confess. He didn’t even know that his beloved Diana, whom he had been pining
for, was here.

He knelt because he no longer cared about his dignity, not even his pride. All he wanted was to know
where Diana was.

There were so many people and so many pairs of eyes around, which was better than him looking out
for her alone.

Ever since he realized that he loved Diana, he had become more humble and no longer thought of
himself as invincible and all-powerful.

He looked at every single person in the crowd, his body upright and his side profile perfect like a Greek
god statue. His kneeling posture did nothing to lessen his commanding aura and instead, made those
before him tremble in uncertainty.

Some people in the crowd even began slowly kneeling before him, unable to stand the tension any

However, Julian didn’t care for all these details. He simply wanted to express what was in his heart.
“But right now, she and my grandmother have been kidnapped by the so-called bride today!”

His voice turned solemn as he went on, “I plead for everyone to help me find them. As long as you can
find her and ensure their safety, the Fulcher family will reward you handsomely!”

His simple words were like a huge explosive in the hall.

It effectively expressed his unwillingness to get married and his sincere plea for help.

The guests were shocked into silence by Julian’s sudden announcement. Just like fireworks that
exploded into the night sky, someone reacted right at that moment. “Mr. Fulcher! Please stand!”

“Mr. Fulcher, it’s our honor to help you. Please don’t kneel for us.”

“Yes!” Someone else added. Someone even rushed over and helped Julian up to his feet. “We are
witnesses to all the economic contributions you’ve made to Richburgh. Many people depend on the
Fulchers fortheir livelihood. We will never say no to helping you find someone!”



All of a sudden, no one cared about the wedding and Kayla. Everyone began activating their network to
search for Diana.

Just then, Diana said tenderly, “Julian.”

She said it in such a small voice; she even forgot to position the microphone by her lips, but Julian
managed to hear her voice.

“Diana?!” He looked up in shock as his dark eyes suddenly lit up. He stood up on stage immediately,
and stared at her in disbelief. “Diana? Is that you?”

She sobbed as she rushed toward him. “It.Jt’s me…”

She had never expected this proud man to kneel for her sake.

He was so proud, so reserved. He had never bowed to anyone since he was a child, yet he fell to his
knees before so many people for her sake.

He did so just to search for her and Madam Fulcher!

She shouldn’t have hesitated. Had she called out for him earlier, would he have to humble himself in
such a way?

She should’ve believed him and believed Madam Fulcher. She should’ve believed that he gave her all
in places she couldn’t see!

She was wrong.

She shouldn’t have distrusted him!

At the next moment, the tearful woman was pulled into a strong embrace.

It was a warm, dependable, firm yet tender embrace.

His hands cupped her chin tenderly, for fear that he would touch her wounds. He didn’t dare to look at
her body; her wounds were akin to whips lashing on his heart.

The wounds were testament to how difficult it must’ve been for her to get here.

He didn’t dare to ask for details, but simply hugged her with trembling arms as he chanted, “Don’t be
afraid, don’t be afraid.”

He was here.

He didn’t marry Kayla.

Before he knelt down, Julian had already figured out that as long as a huge commotion broke out at the
scene, he’d be able to get more people to help him find Diana and avoid going through with the
wedding rites with Kayla.

Everything had gone according to his plans.

In fact, it had gone much better than he had thought. Diana appeared right before him like an angel
descending to earth.

“I didn’t kneel in vain.”

There was laughter in his voice, which was as melodious as a symphony.

The smile on his face was like a breeze in springtime, telling of all his affections and love. “I didn’t
become another woman’s husband.”

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