Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 593

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Julian didn’t want to get married to Kayla. As much as he was forced, he had no desire to marry any
woman aside from Diana.

Yet at this moment, he had no choice but to give in. He spoke through gritted teeth, completely without
his usual commanding aura and as if he had put up a thin veil between him and everyone else.

Kayla could finally rest at ease as she took Julian’s hand. However, Julian pushed her hand away as if
scalded by it.

She could only pretend nothing happened, and quickly adjusted her veil in an attempt to hide her

The host noticed the strange air between the two of them, and took the initiative to grab the
microphone from Kayla. Just then, Julian snatched the microphone and faced the guests, looking like
he was finally ready to deliver his speech.

Kayla was touched; she smiled and waited for him to speak.

His deep, low voice echoed through the wedding hall, resounding through everyone’s ears.

“I, Julian Fulcher…”

He paused for a moment, his eyes stiffly looking past Kayla with an inexplicable show of resilience.

The next moment, he fell to his knees in front of all the guests.

Everyone gasped, shocked and bewildered. Even Diana, who was fumbling with the switch on the
microphone, was shocked. As it turned out, she had come all the way here just to be humiliated.

In her bet with Grandma, she was the utter loser.

From her angle, it looked as if Julian was kneeling in Kayla’s direction.

Julian Fulcher, a man too proud to kneel, was kneeling to the woman of his dreams to confess his
affections for her, his newly-wedded wife!

As for Diana, she was nothing but a mere replacement. Yet, she once again almost believed that Julian
loved her.

She looked down and stared at the wounds covering her wrist and legs and her swollen skin. She
stubbornly looked up, but life had been sucked out of her eyes.

She looked like a lifeless doll, abandoned and chucked to a corner.

Yet, she was still holding on to dear life.

Not for Julian, but for the old woman who treated her with great sincerity.

She simply wanted Julian, the man who had lost his mind for a woman, to see how much that old
woman was suffering in the abandoned house, all because he was worried about them disrupting the

The image of Madam Fulcher’s cracked lips when Diana fled from the abandoned houses pierced
painfully through Diana’s heart.

She had always been like this.

If others treated Diana well, she would treat them ten times better.

If others treated her ten times better, she would give them her heart!

But because of Julian, she wouldn’t have the chance to offer Madam Fulcher her heart.

Diana truly couldn’t fathom why Julian would lock her and Madam Fulcher up just so he could get
married to Kayla.

Diana wanted to escape.

She didn’t want to care any more.

Yet, she wanted to repay Madam Fulcher for the latter’s kindness.

Diana finally found the microphone switch, and was about to address Julian when she heard him say
loudly, “I, Julian Fulcher!” He looked up, his dark eyes looking across everyone, and he continued,
“Have only ever loved one woman!”

At that moment, Kayla’s heart was in her throat.

She wanted Julian to say something to her and bring this wedding to a perfect end, but she didn’t
expect him to give her such a pleasant surprise by kneeling and confessing to her.

What a great honor!

After the wedding, she was bound to be the object of envy of all the socialites and ladies in Richburgh!

Kayla’s heart was bursting with happiness.

But what Julian said next immediately sent her to hell.

”1, Julian Fulcher, have only ever loved one woman. Her surname is Winnington, and her name is
Diana!” He looked at all the guests and went on firmly, “It is Diana Winnington, the daughter of the
Winnington family whom I married three years ago! It’s definitely not Kayla Winnington, the imposter of
an heiress!”

Diana felt as if someone knocked her head with her hammer while at the same time delivered living
water to her soul. Just like that, her broken heart showed signs of life.

She heard it!

Julian wasn’t kneeling for Kayla. In fact, he was making up for his regrets over his and Diana’s wedding
three years ago in such a high-profile manner.

He wanted to announce his love for Diana before the whole world!

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