Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 592

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Diana felt as if she had her soul sucked out of her. Her legs seemed to be walking on air, and she was
suddenly in a trance-like daze.

Who was she?

Where was she?

Why exactly did she try so hard to come here from that abandoned place?


It was for her grandma, the one and only person in this world who loved and doted on her!

Tears streamed down her face, soaking all the wounds she gathered these two days in her salty, wet

The security guards and bodyguards surrounding her were all in a daze at the sight of the state she
was in. When the blood stains on her face were washed off by her tears, they could finally make out
her facial features and became even more agitated.

They stared hard at the photo that Kayla sent them and yelled, “We can’t let her go! She’s the one Miss
Winnington is looking for!”

It didn’t matter to Diana any more.

What Julian really felt didn’t matter anymore!

Her bet with Grandma didn’t matter, either!

It no longer mattered whether she won or lost the bet.

She only wanted Julian to save Grandma right now!

She couldn’t rest easy knowing that Grandma was all alone over there.

As if filled with a new burst of energy, Diana pushed past the crowd. Like an injured bird struggling to
fly, she stumbled to the mixer and grabbed the microphone.

“Julian? Julian?” Kayla stood on stage and nudged Julian with a smile.” The host is asking you a

“Mr. Fulcher…” The host was clearly able to see how unwilling the groom of this wedding was.

What’s more, the unwilling groom was none other than the great Julian Fulcher.

If he wasn’t careful, he might end up losing his life in this wedding!

He wiped away the sweat on his brow, and forced a smile on his face. He turned to look into Julian’s
eyes and repeated, “Mr. Fulcher, do you have any words for your new bride?”

Once the groom was done with his speech, the wedding ceremony would officially be over.

Julian’s eyes turned dark as he nodded, “Yes, I do.”

The corner of Kayla’s lips curled into a smile.

She knew it; all along, there had been a strong foundation underlying her relationship with Julian.
Although there was an element of threat in this wedding, Julian was ultimately willing to marry her.
Look, he even prepared a wedding speech!

She thought that he would have nothing to say to her.

“Julian,” she said emotionally, “Please go ahead.”

“Diana Winnington…”

The moment he spoke, Kayla’s face changed and she immediately covered the microphone with her
hands to prevent others from hearing what Julian had to say.

“Is she and Grandma still safe?”

He had cooperated with Kayla to this extent. Kayla should at least be able to assure him of their safety.

Before the wedding ceremony was officially over, he needed to hear Diana’s voice for himself. “Let me
talk to her,” he pressed.

He was stubborn, serious, and spoke in a tone that wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“I can only rest easy upon speaking with Diana.”

Kayla was inwardly torn. She anxiously gripped the head of the microphone tight, almost tearing the
protective cover off.

Diana Winnington! Diana Winnington! Diana Winnington!

Diana Winnington had run off!

How on earth was she going to find Diana and let her talk to Julian?

Despite her anxiety, Kayla managed to squeeze a smile on her face.” Julian, I won’t let you talk to her
until the ceremony’s over.”

She had already made herself clear.

They finally made it to this step. She would never allow things to fail at the final moment!

Right after this, Julian and her would finally be officially married.

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