Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 589

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The insidious look in his eyes was much too overwhelming, and Diana didn’t want to interact too much
with him. She had this feeling that he was even more dangerous than Julian, and was in fact an
amalgamation and exaggeration of all of Julian’s flaws.


Why did she associate the two of them?

Diana shook her head, and focused on repeatedly smashing the lock on the gate with the wrench in

This was way too energy consuming.

Simon was tickled pink by her actions. “What good would that do? By the time you’re done smashing
the lock, the wedding will be over.”

Given what just happened, Diana wasn’t as resistant against talking to him.

“You know that I came because of the wedding?”

“To snatch a man, what else?” Simon surveyed Diana from top to toe in disdain as he sneered, “Who
couldn’t tell?”

She couldn’t be bothered to explain things to him, and she found no need to do so anyway.

Simon refused to let things go. “Is that Julian Fulcher so good? Oliver Channing’s pretty decent, too.
Why don’t you choose him instead?”

‘That’s your brother,” Diana corrected Simon’s address of Oliver, feeling as if she had unknowingly
drawn closer to this little pervert. She wanted to say more, but the wound on her lips hurt so badly that
she decided to talk no more.

Simon wasn’t happy to hear that as he flipped his fan open and close repeatedly. “Are you lecturing

He was clearly upset, and it sounded like he said that through gritted teeth and in an obviously
unfriendly tone.

Diana looked up and glanced at him.

Simon could be considered a handsome man, but his features were always twisted in a cold and dark

That aura tempered through the years had probably affected his rather twisted appearance.

Whatever it was, he wasn’t a man she should get close to.

She looked down and stopped talking to him, trying her best not to provoke the unpredictable man
before her.

Simon saw her remain silent, and felt even more displeased. Once again, he reached out and pressed
on her wound.

Diana couldn’t stand it any longer and turned away.

Yet, she couldn’t dodge his attack and she felt that pain pierce through her senses.

“You haven’t replied to me.” Simon felt even more indignant than she did, and he felt justified in
pressing down on her wound.

Diana really didn’t want to waste her breath on him, but had to relent.” Reply to you about what?”

Her wound hurt so badly.

Her repeated smashing of the lock on the gate already made her feel worse. She didn’t need Simon
rubbing salt in her wound.

“Reply to me,” Simon said emphatically, seemingly taking the subject very seriously. “Is Julian Fulcher
really that good?”

So good that everyone chose him.

At that moment, Diana could sense Simon’s mood getting darker, and the relatively harmonious air was
once again dashed. She had no choice but to put her guard up once more. “He’s alright.”

It was her heartfelt words.

She truly didn’t know whether Julian was really that good, but either way…

She wasn’t sure anymore.

Whatever it was, her priority right now was to deal with Simon and do her darndest to knock down that

Simon’s eyes lit up upon hearing Diana’s perfunctory response. “I think he’s rather ordinary, too.”


What did he mean by “rather ordinary”?

Diana never said that Julian was ordinary.

She simply didn’t know how to answer Simon’s question.

Yet how did he end up assuming that they thought the same way, and even used the word “too”?

More importantly, he used the word “ordinary” to describe Julian.

It seemed Simon was very concerned about how other people viewed Julian.

Perhaps he was still feeling vengeful from being taught a harsh lesson by Julian when he forced Diana
back to the villa, and had become especially mindful about Julian as a result.

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