Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 586

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Ultimately, the only thing she could do right now was to remain calm lest Julian noticed something was

“Can you identify the direction Diana fled?”

Hans replied quickly, “No, she’s already escaped for one day and one night w

Fire burned in Kayla’s chest when she heard this. She spent so much money to hire Hans Lemmington
precisely because he had experience in murder and all sorts of crimes.

She thought that given how vicious he was, he would definitely show no mercy to Diana.

She never expected him to end up losing her!

What’s worse, he only decided to inform her after one entire day and night had passed.

One day and one night!

It was entirely possible that Diana had fled from the desolated suburbs to the main city.

For Kayla she knew, she was already waiting at the hotel for her and Julian to arrive…

Fear gripped Kayla the more she thought about it. She immediately called the hotel staff to take note of
a woman with an outstanding air about her. She even sent them a photo of herself before she was
disfigured, and reminded them to hold Diana back if they spotted her and hand Diana to her.

Afterwards, she asked Hans, “Where’s the old woman? How is she?”

“She…” Then, Hans changed the subject. “When are you going to pay me the balance?”

“You lost that woman and you have the cheek to demand me for money?!” Kayla was on the verge of
being angered to death. ‘You…”

“Don’t give me hot air!” As a man who had been in jail and even murdered, Hans cared not for reason
and only for his money. “I helped you kidnap her, so you must pay me. If you don’t. I’ll take that old
woman away!”

That won’t do!

If that happened, Julian would never spare Kayla.

Kayla did want something untoward to happen to Madam Fulcher, but she didn’t want herself to be
responsible for it. She wanted it to happen when both she and Diana were together, so she could push
the blame to Diana.

But now, Diana had fled.

Therefore, that old woman had to remain safe and sound.

Kayla had no choice but to give in. “Fine, fine! I’ll transfer the money to you right now. But you must
promise me that you’ll keep a close watch on that old woman. Don’t let her escape, and definitely don’t
let her die!”

Satisfied, Hans said, “I’ll see how sincere you are first.”

With that, he hung up.

Kayla’s heart raced as it finally dawned on her that she was completely incapable of controlling a
murderer like Hans.

Thankfully, she had money.

With money, she would be able to control that man.


Hans loved and needed money. As long as Kayla had the money, he would surely listen to her and take
good care of that old woman.

The more she thought about this, the more reassured she was. Just then, Julian’s cold voice snapped
her back to attention. ‘Well?”

There was a tinge of anxiety in his voice.

Kayla sensed it, and her heart immediately hardened. “No, nothing. Diana doesn’t want to talk to you.”

He said such hurtful things yesterday, it was completely understandable that she didn’t want to talk to
him over the phone…

Julian inevitably disappointed course through him.

‘Then tell her that and let me hear her voice,” he pressed. He would only be willing to go through with
this ridiculous wedding Kayla wanted so badly if only he could confirm that Diana and his grandmother
were safe.

“She said that she feels disgusted hearing either of our voices,” Kayla lied without batting her eyelid.
“Grandmother said so, too. Whatever it is…” She shrugged and looked at Julian. “It’s about time for the
auspicious hour. If we can’t reach the hotel in time, I’m not sure if any wounds will appear on Diana’s

Julian came to a compromise immediately. “Don’t!”

Kayla had never expected to see Julian so easily manipulated.

Diana Winnington…was greatly influential to him.

Kayla sneered, confident she had complete hold over Julian. “As long as you go through with this
wedding with me, she’ll return to your side safe and sound.”

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