Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 588

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She never thought she would feel such affinity for that little deviant!

The last time he sent her back to the villa in the rain, Julian must’ve found a chance to knock some
sense into him. That probably resulted in their chance meeting today.

Diana reached her hand out eagerly. “Thank you.”

‘Thank me?” Simon’s face fell suddenly, and he even retracted his hand.” What are you thanking me

He had always been a temperamental man.

Diana sensed that something was off, but refused to let go of the only hope she could see. “For getting
me out of this place…”

“Getting you out of this place?” Simon furrowed his brows as if confused, and looked helplessly at her.
“What’s with you? Do you need my help to get out of this place?”

Given how miserable Diana looked, anyone would be able to guess that she needed help and wasn’t
out for a stroll during a vacation.

Yet Simon Channing chose to turn a blind eye to her miserable state.

He clearly didn’t have the intention of saving her.

She decided not to waste her breath and instead save energy by ignoring him.

This woman was interesting indeed.

He had seen her sashay around Julian and being demure and dignified before Oliver. Yet, nothing was
as shocking as seeing her like this.


Truly ugly.

Yet, there was still a tinge of resilience between her brows. Her bony shoulders looked weighed down
with life’s burdens, but were still stubbornly holding on.

It was a mesmerizing scene to behold.

Simon drew closer to her and pressed hard onto her wounds, making her inhale sharply with pain.

Even so, she refused to make a sound.

She didn’t overreact. That sat well with him.

He suddenly felt his heart soften toward her and spoke once more. ‘TH get you out?”

If she were under ordinary circumstances, Diana certainly wouldn’t believe the words of someone like
Simon. But right now… Grandma was still waiting for her, and she needed time. As much time as she
could get.

She wouldn’t let any minute possibility slip by.

So she gritted her teeth; ignoring the reason why Simon would press so hard on her wounds, she
nodded and said, “Sure.”

But a look of awkwardness suddenly appeared on Simon’s face. “Forget it.”

He retracted his hand once again.

‘There’s nothing between us. I wouldn’t want to get involved between you and Julian and get myself
into trouble again.”

With that, he leaned against an industrial rack and simply stood right there.

Diana could no longer stand his fickle-mindedness and unpredictability. This time, he merely pressed
down hard on her wounds. What if he strangled her next time?

He was a temperamental man who didn’t operate by logic. Staying by his side would subject Diana to
his mercy, just like a helpless sheep/

She would rather go all out and escape out of this place by herself!

She stood up, and finally found a wrench after searching through the racks.

The wrench was slightly heavy, but thankfully, she had gotten used to carrying all those heavy fabrics
that she had grown accustomed to handling such a weight.

Simon was curious about her actions and sat down staring at her. ‘What are you doing?”

Diana remained silent.

Without uttering a single word, she used the wrench to repeatedly smash the lock on the metal gate of
the warehouse.

As she did so, she realized why Simon kept going back on his word: he was trapped in here, too.

Although she didn’t know why he was trapped here, it remained a fact that, like her, he was unable to
leave this place as well.

In fact, it was only until just now that he realized this.

Simon, that little pervert…

He wasn’t as cruel and fickle as Diana thought he was, but…

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