Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 591

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Julian donned a navy blue suit, which was in his usual style and was a perfect fit for his body.

It hugged his broad shoulders and narrow hips snugly.

The hem of his suit jacket moved as he did, making him look even more suave.

Kayla, who was standing next to him, had her face covered with a veil, but her eyes were bright and
lively as they told of how happy and smug she was feeling on the inside. She was clearly delighted.

Her gown had a long train and left a mark on the floor wherever it swept past, sending petals and
balloons flying as she moved.

Anyone who saw them would be convinced that they were a match made in heaven.

What’s more, the groom of the wedding today was none other than Julian Fulcher.

Endless streams of congratulations echoed within the wedding hall.

Diana stood amidst the raging crowd, and considered giving up.

Meanwhile, the security guards were charging toward her.

Simon was following behind the security guards.

He was pointing right at Diana.

She never expected him to yell at the guards to lock her in the warehouse again when he spent so
much effort and energy to smash the lock open!

Was it just because she didn’t give him her hand and let him lead her out?

What a petty and vengeful man he was!

And so, Diana had no choice but to move around the crowd.

But she looked unkempt and heavily wounded, and her movements displeased many guests. Some
even called their own bodyguards over to throw her out.

Just then, the security guards rushed over.

They yelled, “It’s her! She’s not a beggar! She’s the one in the photo Miss Winnington gave us! Seize

The moment the guests heard the security guards yelling, they began calling for their own bodyguards,
completely forgetting about wanting to please the newlyweds of the Fulcher family.

Julian heard the commotion; thinking he heard Diana’s voice, he turned to look.

However, he could only see the back of the heads of the crowd.

It wasn’t her.

She was trapped in some unknown place by Kayla, Julian thought frustratedly. He retracted his gaze
and turned to look at Kayla.

Naturally, he missed the moment Diana looked at him.

“Julian!” Diana almost jumped up as she yelled at the top of her voice. She was pushed farther and
farther away, deeper and deeper into the overwhelming crowd. “Julian Fulcher!”

Her voice was heart-wrenching, filled with anxiety.

Yet, he couldn’t hear her.

The music was too loud, the guests were too noisy, and his mind was too occupied with memories of
his wedding with Diana.

Back then…

He didn’t even take a single photograph of the event.

The wedding officially began, and at Kayla’s request, the host went through the proceedings very
quickly. He positioned the mic next to Julian’s lips and asked carefully, “Mr. Fulcher, will you take Miss
Winnington as your lawfully wedded wife?”

Miss Winnington?

His Diana…

‘Yes! I will!”

Why wouldn’t he?

It was what he wanted more than anything.

Passion flashed past his eyes, but it vanished the moment he saw Kayla.

She wasn’t his Diana.

She was just another Miss Winnington.

And right now, he was standing in a wedding hall next to Kayla Winnington.

His Diana, on the other hand, was suffering along with his grandmother elsewhere.

“Miss Kayla Winnington, will you take Mr. Fulcher as your lawfully wedding husband, never to…”

Diana couldn’t hear anything else after that.

Her courage and strength vanished into thin air the moment she heard Julian’s firm and resounding

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