Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 590

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He was still a young boy, after all.

Diana just didn’t know how much younger he was compared to Oliver. She decided to ask Oliver that
question the next time she saw him.

Still, she was in no mood to think further about them. She just wanted to get out of this place.

Just then, Simon’s eyes lit up as if he had just obtained a treasure. He grabbed the wrench from Diana
and said, “Let me.”

He was very strong.

Diana couldn’t tell from his usual style of dress, but he was lean yet muscular. His body looked even
more toned as he exerted so much force with the wrench that his muscles bulged through his clothes.

Thanks to his powerful smashing, the lock finally had signs of breaking apart.

Simon continued smashing it with all his might.

Diana, on the other hand, was left with nothing to do.

Since she had nothing to do, the gears in her mind started shifting.

She suddenly looked at Simon and asked him a question she had overlooked, “How did you appear
here in the warehouse?”

She was locked in here by someone else, but what about Simon?

Simon shrugged. “I came in along with you.”

“You came in along with me?” Diana repeated in disbelief.

“Yes. The security guards threw you in here,” Simon said. “So I followed them in here, wanting to see
how miserable a state Julian’s ex-wife would end up in.”

What a vengeful man he was!

Julian had merely rebuked him a little, and he turned vengeful against her.

Diana was baffled. “Why didn’t you help me call for help and stop them from throwing me in here?”

Simon stopped what he was doing and gave her a cheeky look. “Why should I do that?”

She was rendered speechless, but she snapped back to attention very quickly. ‘Then why are you
helping me to escape now?”

Simon gave her a side-eye, clearly upset with her. “Do I need to explain my every action to you?”

The look he shot her was akin to needles pinning her down.

Thankfully, Diana was used to such pressure thanks to being around Julian’s overwhelming aura, and
was able to look back into Simon’s eyes nonchalantly. “You don’t need to.”

Just as long as he was willing to help.

It was tough for her to open the gate just by her strength alone.

However, things were different with Simon’s help.

The lock was almost coming apart. Finally, it fell on the floor with a loud crash.

A smile broke across Simon’s face, as if satisfied with Diana’s earlier response. He liked seeing Julian’s
ex-wife behaving submissively to him.

Without a second thought, he reached out to her. “Come on, I’ll bring you out…”

Before he could finish his sentence or touch the wound on her wrist, Diana had shot out of the place
like an arrow.

She acted as if he was a scourge.

His eyes turned cloudy with emotions once again.

Bloodstain and traces of dirt left from Diana’s wrist tainted Simon’s palm. The sight of it filled his eyes
with rage. He rushed to the racks, grabbed a bottle of water, opened it, and washed his hands with nary
an expression.

He rubbed his hands repeatedly, as if trying to wash away the filth very carefully.

He rubbed so hard that he started bleeding from the blisters caused by the wrench. Then, he stared at
the bloody foam in a daze.

Afterwards, he walked out and asked someone to fetch a needle for him. He pricked his blisters open
under the fearful and watchful eyes of the others, then pointed in the direction that Diana fled in. ‘The
beggar the security guards locked up before is running to the front hall to cause trouble again.”

Diana ran as quickly as she could.

She managed to reach the wedding hall from the warehouse in less than thirty seconds.

By the time she found a place to stand, she heard the ear-piercing sounds of firecrackers and loud
cheers from outside.

She had once thought that her wedding with Julian was already a grand scene to behold; ultimately,
she was the ignorant one. Kayla and Julian’s wedding was truly a grand affair.

Lilies filled the entire hall, balloons covered the ceiling, and pastel lilac colored the site. Guests flocked
to the hall in endless streams, telling of the humongous effort to make this wedding a reality.

The smell of flowers filled the nose and balloons floated before Diana. Everything felt like a dream, and
she suddenly felt her feet take a step back.

Does Julian Fulcher…

Really like her, as Grandma claimed?

Suddenly, someone yelled out loud and interrupted Diana’s train of thought. ‘The newlyweds have

At the same time, amidst the dreamy balloons and blooming lilies, everyone saw the couple walking
down the hall.

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