Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 587

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“What about Grandma?” Julian’s eyes turned dark. “She’s advanced in years, and her health is poor.
Take good care of her.”

“I will.” Kayla nodded without any hint of guilt. “I’ve already said I’ll let my men take good care of her.
She’s my grandma too, after all.”

Julian didn’t expect Kayla to be so thick-skinned.

Truly, he had been a ridiculously poor judge of character over the years.

He used to think of Kayla as an innocent little girl. He never expected that the kind little girl who saved
him back then would one day grow up into…

He looked down, hiding the disappointment in his eyes. “She’s not your grandmother.”

Never will she be in your entire life.

He would never acknowledge it.

Neither would Madam Fulcher.

All generations of the Fulcher family will never acknowledge it!

“Let’s go.” He looked away and walked into his own car, not even sparing a glance at Kayla who had
meticulously dolled herself up.

Kayla wanted to call him to go into the wedding car, but the cold look in his eyes made her swallow the
words back down her throat.

It was already good enough for him to willingly go through with the wedding with her.

As long as everyone in Richburgh was aware she was married to Julian, all was good.

As for how he would arrive at the hotel, she was willing to leave that to him.

Julian was still an impressive and powerful man whom she simply had a hold over. If she were to push
him to a corner, no one would know what he was capable of doing.

It was more important to get through the wedding first.

Kayla had been waiting for this wedding for a long time. There were many staff members who worked
through the night just to make her dream wedding a reality.


What was strange was that James and Kate had yet to contact her today.

Kayla couldn’t overcome the curiosity in her heart and called James, but no one answered her call.

Could her emerging as champion at yesterday’s exhibition made the Winningtons’ fashion business
wildly popular overnight and extremely profitable, thereby making James so busy he no longer cared
about being Julian Fulcher’s father-in-law, something he used to care about above everything else?

Kayla had raked in so much money for the Winningtons; by now, her status in the family was surely

After the wedding, given how she saved Julian’s life and how she brought prosperity to the
Winningtons, which would make her grandfather step forward and speak up for her, Julian wouldn’t be
able to do anything to her.

She would then take on the title of Mrs. Fulcher and lead a happy life.

Most importantly, she defeated Diana just with this disfigured face of hers!

She even managed to snatch Julian back, who belonged to her to begin with.

Kayla’s mood improved with every passing thought. She didn’t even care who was here to attend her
wedding. She even forgot about the fact that Lucy didn’t contact her at all.

She only cared about getting the wedding ceremony over and done with.

Meanwhile, Diana was losing hope with every minute she stayed in the warehouse.

This place was practically impenetrable. Forget going out to look for Julian, she could almost feel the
air in here getting thinner simply staying in here and breathing.

She even wondered if she would die here.

On the day when Julian and Kayla would get married, no less…

Just as Diana was sitting hopelessly on the ground and coming to terms with her fate, she heard a
familiar voice sounding in her ears. “Well, well, well. We meet again.”

The fan in his hand opened and closed as he stood in the dark warehouse and stretched his hand out
to her. “Look how miserable you are right now! Give me your hand, I’ll get you out.”

It was Simon Channing!

Oliver Channing’s brother, who resembled Julian somewhat…

To Diana, he was quite the deviant.

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