Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 583

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Even Diana’s hands were swollen, and looked like a pig’s trotters. Her hands almost melded with the
severed and torn rope, making it impossible to distinguish where her flesh or the rope began.

Fortunately, Madam Fulcher seemed to have recovered slightly.

Her complexion had regained its healthy color.

“Diana…” She opened her eyes, and as soon as she saw Diana’s appearance, she was filled with grief
and almost burst into tears.

In fact, she did cry. “I’m so sorry, my dear.”

Diana smiled weakly at Madam Fulcher, as if she had no strength left.” You…ugh…!’

The cuts on Diana’s mouth caused by the glass shards stung, making it incredibly painful to speak.

She tried several times, but couldn’t speak normally.

Madam Fulcher’s tears flowed even more fiercely.

Her trembling hand gently touched the wound on Diana’s wrist, where the broken glass had caused a
deep cut. She hesitated and withdrew her hand. “I know you want to say that I don’t owe you an
apology, but this time, I was really in the wrong. I wanted you to escape and verify our bet, so I staged
that performance just now. But as an actor who didn’t know the script, you improvised. And the

She reached out with trembling fingers to touch Diana’s wound, but recoiled and withdrew it. “The
result.Js that you got hurt to this extent.”

Diana was slightly stunned. Was the acting Madam Fulcher mentioned referring to the play they just
performed, pretending to be seriously ill?

She looked so distressed, almost unable to breathe-and it was all an act?!

Like a balloon that suddenly lost its air, Diana instantly collapsed to the ground as the adrenaline that
coursed through her dissipated.

Madam Fulcher immediately acted like a guilty child, looking down and cautiously asking, “Are you
angry with me?’

Diana shook her head.

She was relieved.

And that feeling had crashed over her, leaving her with no strength.

Whether it was acting or not, as long as Madam Fulcher was safe, Diana’s own physical condition
didn’t matter.

Seeing the sparkle in Diana’s eyes, Madam Fulcher was deeply moved.

‘I’m glad you’re not angry with me.”

She was extremely relieved, and wished to bring Diana and Julian together before her death to let them
know each other’s feelings and reconcile.

As for her, she was already in her last moments.

Madam Fulcher endured the suffocating feeling of oxygen deprivation in her brain and the stabbing
pain in her heart. She pretended to be fine as she untied all the ropes that Diana had helped her cut,
and then walked to the window steadily.

“Look, it’s all a backdrop.”

In other words, this place wasn’t a luxurious hotel.

Diana realized this, and looked at Madam Fulcher in shock.

’Everything here is an illusion,” Diana said, pulling aside the backdrop before her to reveal the building
behind; it was covered in reinforced

concrete, filled with spider webs and dark empty windows, as if it had been abandoned for a long time.

‘It looks like…an abandoned residential area.” Diana struggled to swallow,’ Right?”

’Yes,” Madam Fulcher replied. “We can’t determine who our kidnapper is at present, but the one thing I
can be certain of is that you must escape from here.”

Diana covered her mouth, preventing the pain from speaking as she asked, ‘So… You pretended to be
sick, forcing me to have an outburst and give us a chance to survive?”

‘What else could we do?” Madam Fulcher said. “Sitting around waiting to die isn’t my style.”

At this moment, there seemed to be a hidden knife in Madam Fulcher’s gaze, sharp and resolute.

Seeing how clear Madam Fulcher’s words were and her logical reasoning, Diana finally believed the
former had only been pretending to be ill.

’I’m sorry to have put you through this,” Madam Fulcher said. “You had to pay such a great price to
break free from the ropes and gain your freedom.”

More importantly, it had worked to lower Hans’s guard.

This increased the probability of Diana successfully escaping.

Yet at that moment, neither of them could have anticipated that despite everyone’s efforts in the
kidnapping case, in the end… Each person would be trapped in the whirlpool of fate, and there would
be no winners.

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