Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 584

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After a series of twists and turns, Diana successfully escaped from that room. It turned out that this
place really wasn’t a luxurious hotel.

If Julian had believed the information she had provided earlier, it would’ve been all in vain; he would
never find this abandoned residential area completely unrelated to a luxury hotel.

Diana slid down the makeshift rope made from bedsheets in the room, and continued running without
stopping until she reached a relatively safe place.

By now, she was already exhausted. However, Hans had taken her phone earlier, and she couldn’t
determine where she was exactly without it.

She considered borrowing someone’s phone to contact Julian, but her disheveled appearance made
people avoid her as they feared trouble. She had no choice but to ask for directions, and slowly make
her way toward the central area of Richburgh.

Unexpectedly, she had been walking for a whole day and night. When she reached the hotel where
Julian had announced his marriage to Kayla on television, her lips were cracked and her wounds had
stuck to her clothes, making her blood and flesh indistinguishable. Her wrists, ankles, and face were
swollen to the point her original appearance was unrecognizable. The white dress she wore had
become dirty, as if she had rolled in the mud.

When she arrived at the hotel entrance, as expected, she was stopped by someone.

The security guard at the entrance sneered at her, approaching with a baton, intending to drive away
this troublesome beggar. “Who do you think you are? Do you think the likes of you can see Mr.

But Diana refused to move and kept repeating, “I want to see Julian.”

As the auspicious time for the wedding approached, the security guard became impatient.

’Will you leave or not?”

“I’m not leaving!”

Madam Fulcher was waiting for Diana at that place, and she had to ensure Julian rushed over as soon
as possible. Madam Fulcher’s safety would be at a higher risk every minute she delayed. That’s why
she hadn’t dared to waste a single moment on her way here.

“I want to see Julian!” she shouted towards the hotel entrance, trying to make her voice heard.

By now, more guests had started to arrive. Diana stood at the entrance, appearing entirely out of place.
The security guard became more anxious, and he picked up his baton and struck her repeatedly.

‘ Are you going to leave or not? This is Mr. Fulcher and Miss Kayla’s wedding! We won’t let you off the
hook if you delay this joyous occasion!”

As Diana listened, a pang went through her heart.

Back then, Julian had also given her a grand wedding, with ceremonies and all the necessary pomp.
Still, it lacked this kind of world-declaring grandeur, and there were fewer people coming to
congratulate them.

But now, Julian and Kayla’s wedding, although announced late, had reached the level of being widely
known all over.

Had Julian gone all out like this for Kayla’s sake? Or… Was it true, as Madam Fulcher said, that he had
only done all of this because they were held hostage and he was threatened by Kayla?

Did Julian…

Truly have feelings for her?

Then, what did his childhood friendship with Kayla amount to?

What about all those years of waiting, even their marriage? Was it all because of Diana’s resemblance
to Kayla’s face? Did Julian truly never have feelings for Kayla?

Diana didn’t dare to dwell on these thoughts.

Right now, she relied on her love and concern for Madam Fulcher, who was like her own grandmother,
to carry her through.

Regardless of the truth, she had to see Julian first.

She could only ensure Madam Fulcher’s safety by meeting him. The thought of Madam Fulcher being
alone in the abandoned residential area made Diana extremely anxious. Even though the baton struck
her, her feet were rooted to the ground and she had no intention of leaving.

But by now, the guests had started to arrive. The security guards, seeing that the baton wasn’t
effective, had no choice but to restrain her physically. With her weak strength and numerous wounds,
she couldn’t withstand their pulling and was immediately locked in the hotel’s storage room.

There was no one here, and the surroundings were filled with stored items.

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