Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 582

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Diana’s hands trembled with anxiety, but as her limbs were bound by ropes, she was powerless to do
anything else but weakly call out to Madam Fulcher.

Yet, the old lady never lifted her eyes to look at her.

Diana felt her heart clench tightly, like someone had grabbed it and squeezed it. It was so suffocating
that she couldn’t utter a word.

The same fear she had when she thought of losing her babies resurfaced, and tears welled up in her
eyes as she looked at Madam Fulcher and then at Hans.

‘Why are you just standing there?! Save her! Quickly!’

It was evident that Madam Fulcher was experiencing discomfort in her heart. The high blood pressure
was causing cerebral hypoxia, and the symptoms were already apparent.

Once these underlying conditions acted up, it was a life-threatening situation.

But Hans remained motionless, even crossing his arms and looking at them as if nothing was

A blaze of anger spread in Diana’s chest, and she exerted all her strength to try and free herself from
the ropes. But the harder she struggled, the tighter Madam Fulcher, who was bound to her by the same
rope, was tied, making the latter increasingly uncomfortable.

Finally, Diana dared not move.

However, her wrists were already rubbed raw, and due to her physical condition, the wound quickly
swelled and grew larger. The rope was constricting the wound even deeper. Still, she was completely
unaware of

the pain as her eyes were glued on Madam Fulcher, fearing any further deterioration in her condition.

Fortunately, Madam Fulcher’s physical condition didn’t appear to worsen.

Her mental state, however, remained poor; she still couldn’t open her eyes or speak to her.

If they continued to wait like this, something would inevitably happen to Madam Fulcher here.

Thinking back to Madam Fulcher’s mention of shares and her tone of discussing matters after her
passing, Diana couldn’t contain her impatience.

But it was clear that Hans had no intention of saving Madam Fulcher. Diana began to believe that
perhaps Julian hadn’t orchestrated this kidnapping.

As despicable as he might be, he couldn’t possibly do something like this to Madam Fulcher!

Her gaze swept around the room and finally settled on a cup, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

She looked at Hans and asked, “Are you really planning to let her die?”

Hans remained silent, staring at them with indifferent eyes.

‘Fine,” Diana spat as she gradually calmed down. “As long as you tell Julian, the one who kidnapped
me, that Grandma’s death has nothing to do with me and ask him not to hold me responsible.’

Hans felt relieved, thinking they hadn’t figured out their plan yet since she didn’t mention Kayla.

Diana truly believed that Julian was the one who kidnapped her.

This aligned with the explanation given by Kayla when she hired him.

He wasn’t so nervous anymore, and simply nodded before glancing at the old lady lying on the ground
and walking out of the room with a cold smirk.

Kayla had made it clear that if the old lady died due to illness and not through foul play, the ransom for
the kidnapped person would double.

Thus, it was only natural that Hans wished for the old hag to die.

Besides, they couldn’t find a way out of this room anyway. He confidently closed the door and left
without any worry.

With a click, the lock slid into place.

Once Diana confirmed that Hans had left, she didn’t waste time catching her breath. She then used her
head to hit the table in front of her repeatedly.

The dull thumping sound echoed in the room and her forehead swelled quickly, but Diana didn’t care.
She continued this self-destructive action and only stopped when the glass on the table was knocked
over onto the floor.

She needed to escape!

She needed to save Madam Fulcher!

These thoughts kept repeating in her mind. Diana clenched her teeth and endured all the pain running
through her. With sheer willpower, she picked up the broken pieces of the glass with her mouth and
slowly began to cut through the rope.

After completing these tasks, Diana’s face and mouth were swollen, with traces of blood mixed in. Her
entire face was approaching disfigurement.

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